20 Oh So Refreshing Fruity Vegan Smoothies

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Berries, mango, pineapple, peach, banana, apples, cherries, melon, all these fruits make a great ingredient for a vegan smoothie. Fresh, frozen, or fruits canned in water, it doesn’t matter. They all contain lots of fiber, minerals, and vitamins.

Fruit smoothies can replace a whole meal if done right. They keep hunger level in check and promote weight loss thanks to the filling fiber.

There are no rules when it comes to fruit smoothies. Some might say do not mix acidic fruits with sweet fruits. Or sub-acidic fruits with sweet fruits. The reason is proper digestion.

So, with that in mind, here are some ideas for vegan fruit smoothies.

1. Bright Skin Smoothie

fruit smoothie bright skin smoothie recipe pickledplum
Recipe: pickledplum.com

Zingy and refreshing, this smoothie will help brighten your skin. The two main ingredients are lemons and strawberries. Lemon helps balance the pH value of your skin, while strawberries improve skin tone and complexion.

The other fruits provide a lot of vitamin C. It will take you only five minutes to prepare this moisturizing smoothie. Consume it in the morning.

2. Blue Spirulina Powder Coconut Smoothie

fruit smoothie blue spirulina powder coconut smoothie mytinylagunakitchen
Recipe: mytinylagunakitchen.com

One of the downsides of fruit smoothies is the amount of sugar. Yes, they provide natural sugar, but it is still sugar. Some people cannot handle sugar very well.

With that in mind, we have an alternative. Here is a smoothie you can implement in low glycemic diet, keto diet, and sugar-free diet. Superfoods like Spirulina provide tons of minerals and vitamins.

3. Tropical Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie

fruit smoothie tropical anti inflammatory smoothie vegan gf foodielovesfitness
Recipe: foodielovesfitness.com

Tropical fruits are great when you want to increase your fiber intake. Mango, pineapple, coconut, you name it. Any of them will do it. For this recipe, we go for pineapple. The green to yellow color is mesmerizing. And the taste is amazing.

Bonus benefits: this smoothie provides anti-inflammatory benefits for your body.

4. Kiwi Banana Orange Vitamin C Protein Smoothie

fruit smoothie kiwi banana orange vitamin c protein smoothie vegan
Recipe: theflexitarian.co.uk

Did you know that smoothies can pack a lot of protein? All you need to do is add some protein powder. Consume this smoothie as a refreshment after a workout. With kiwi, banana, and orange, you also get a lot of vitamin C and fiber.

5. Turmeric Ginger Smoothie

fruit smoothie turmeric ginger smoothie foolproofliving
Recipe: foolproofliving.com

If you want a smoothie with a spicy kick, this is it. This smoothie is not only filling, but quite healthy as well. Turmeric is a magic spice that provides tons of benefits for your skin, hair, body, and mind. Ginger is one of the best anti-inflammatory foods.

If you feel fatigued, this smoothie will do the trick. Provides tons of energy and helps you detox your body. And if you are ill, it will lift you up.

6. Cinnamon Plum Detox Smoothie

fruit smoothie healthy cinnamon plum smoothie savorynothings
Recipe: savorynothings.com

We said before that some fruit smoothies help you lose weight. This one falls into that category. Cinnamon speeds up your metabolism so you burn much more calories. You can consume it before workout. That way you sweat more, and you burn even more calories. And most importantly, you have the energy and carbs you need to go through an intensive workout.

7. Blackberry Fig Smoothie

fruit smoothie summer blackberry fig smoothie vegukate
Recipe: vegukate.com

Pick any berry. They all contain loads of antioxidants. And we need them to fight off free radicals and help us get radiant skin. Plums provides some sugary taste and carbs. Great combination, so try it as soon as possible.

8. Energy Boosting Smoothie

fruit smoothie energy boosting smoothie simmerandsauce
Recipe: simmerandsauce.com

Some people get a cup of coffee in the morning. They need the energy boost to lift them up. But you can easily substitute coffee with a healthier alternative. Our pick is this smoothie. Filling, but also energy-boosting. Just remember, drink it on an empty stomach.

9. Dragon Fruit Goji Berry Smoothie

fruit smoothie dragon fruit goji berry smoothie jaroflemons
Recipe: jaroflemons.com

It is time for a superfood smoothie. Dragon fruit is a tropical fruit known for its vibrant red skin. Once you open the fruit, you get a sweet and seed-speckled pulp. The unique look and healthy benefits make this superfood popular among foodies. On first glance, the fruit might look strange and weird. But give it a chance. Dragon fruit is just amazing.

10. Tropical Papaya Smoothie

fruit smoothie tropical papaya smoothie gillianelizabethwellness scaled
Recipe: gillianelizabethwellness.com

Here is another tropical smoothie. If you like decorations and Instagram-friendly smoothies, this is the one. As a tropical smoothie, you can add some umbrellas, papaya peel, and more.

But what makes it special is the taste. The amazing sweet taste with a kick is unique on the market.

11. Strawberry Pomegranate Smoothie

fruit smoothie dairy free strawberry pomegranate smoothie recipe spiritedandthensome
Recipe: spiritedandthensome.com

When you think of smoothie cocktails, you think of summer and spring. But smoothies are great in winter as well. This drink is a combination of sweet fruits and winter spices. The result is a winter holiday delight. Delicious, and great for those who follow paleo and vegan diet.

12. Refreshing Mango Cucumber Mint Smoothie

fruit smoothie refreshing mango cucumber mint smoothie oatandsesame
Recipe: oatandsesame.com

Most of the vegan fruit smoothies are creamy and rich in texture. But some of us want a more watery drink. Well, if that is the case, go for the cucumber and mango smoothie. Cucumber contains more than 90% water, making this smoothie light and watery.

And with cucumber and mint leaves, you get a more refreshing taste. Think of it as a fruity non-alcoholic Mojito.

13. Cherry Pineapple Smoothie

fruit smoothie cherry pineapple smoothie recipe primaverakitchen
Recipe: primaverakitchen.com

This smoothie takes only a few minutes to prepare it. It is a great nutritional breakfast option. If you are always in a hurry in the morning, and you cannot prepare a nutritional breakfast, this smoothie will do the trick. Time for some good old-fashion homemade meal.

14. Summer Stonefruit Smoothie

fruit smoothie smoothie otw summer stonefruit smoothie omnomally
Recipe: omnomally.com

Time to raid the fruit bowl for the stone-fruit. This smoothie is great for those following an egg-free and gluten-free diet. Vegetarian and dairy-free. The ingredients include mango, nectarines, peach, prunes, and some non-dairy milk. You can also add bee pollen for sweet taste.

15. Pineapple And Matcha Oat Smoothie

fruit smoothie Pineapple Matcha Oat Smoothie wallflowerkitchen
Recipe: wallflowerkitchen.com

If you are looking for a smoothie rich in antioxidants, look no more. Matcha green tea powder contains more antioxidants than blueberries. It is an absolute superfood. And all you need is a small teaspoon for your smoothie. With pineapple and oats, this smoothie has a more creamy and rich texture and consistency. You can easily use it as a breakfast alternative.

16. Cantaloupe Peach Chia Smoothie

fruit smoothie cantaloupe peach chia smoothie sugarlovespices
Recipe: sugarlovespices.com

Chia seeds are one of the most popular superfoods. Some three to five years ago, they were on the top of the list for foodies. Chia pudding was the best thing you can have. Now, chia is still a popular option among foodies. But nowadays, we look for ways to add it to smoothies, not puddings. Here is one smoothie that works great with the kick of chia seeds.

17. Mixed Berry Watermelon Smoothie

fruit smoothie mixed berry watermelon smoothie okonomikitchen
Recipe: okonomikitchen.com

We said before that some people look for a more watery smoothie. Watermelon is the cucumber of the fruit world. Like cucumber, watermelon consists mostly water. That gives your smoothie a refreshing and light texture. Perfect for hanging around the pool in the summer and getting a drink to refresh.

18. Persimmon Orange Smoothie

fruit smoothie persimmon orange smoothie kitchennostalgia
Recipe: kitchennostalgia.com

Orange juice is a great drink on its own. But if you like to get fancy, it is time to mix things up. Serve it in a cocktail glass, and you can have a non-alcoholic party.

19. Cherry Beat And Lime Immunity Boosting Smoothie

fruit smoothie beet cherry and lime immunity boosting smoothie vegan paleo justbeetit
Recipe: justbeetit.com

Do you want a smoothie that will boost your immune system? Do you want a smoothie that will help you feel energized? Check and check. This is one of the best beet smoothies you can make. It is refreshingly delicious loaded with yummy and healthy ingredients.

Thanks to the fresh lime juice, the rich texture smoothie is still fresh and light.

20.Pomelo Fruit Smoothie

fruit smoothie Pomelo Fruit Smoothie masalaherb
Recipe: masalaherb.com

For our last fruity vegan smoothie, we decided for something unique and rare. The Pomelo Fruit is a special tropical citrus fruit. Not many people know it. But it is time to introduce a new fruit to your table. It is the biggest citrus fruit, and quite delicious and healthy.

This smoothie can easily be your new breakfast obsession. With that in mind, we hope you found a recipe you like. And we would love to hear your smoothie recipes. Share them in the comments section.