From Boxes to Bins: Must-Have Tools for Moving and Recycling

white plastic bags on gray concrete floor

Nowadays, a lot of people have started to become more environmentally friendly by recycling old waste and or taking some things with them during a move from one place to another.

However, owning the right tools is important to achieve these tasks since they provide numerous advantages to people. One advantage of owning a must-have tool for moving and recycling is that it provides additional safety to users. Additionally, with the right tools, people will be able to save more time as their tasks will be completed much more quickly when the right tools are used.

Thus, to ensure that one is being safe, effective, and saving time during a move or a recycling project, it is crucial to invest in some must-have and necessary tools.

Must-Have Tools for Moving and Recycling 

1- Utility Knives and Cutting Tools

One of the most important tools during a move is a cutting tool. Numerous types of cutting tools are available in the market; however, a utility knife will be the most effective in this situation.

The reason that a utility knife is effective is due to the numerous advanced features implemented in the tools that enhance the user experience.

For instance, some brands, such as Lenox, have started to include Titanium alongside the Stainless steel on the blade’s tip to reduce the chances of harming a user. Other companies, like Cool Hand Gear and Slice Products, have started to produce finger-friendly utility knives by using ceramic as a material for blades. Additionally, the ergonomic external shape of most modern utility knives has provided a firm grip to users.

2- Bins and Boxes

It is given that when moving and recycling, one needs to use storage bins to collect and carry all the stuff. Some might prefer to use plastic bags to complete this process; however, this goes against the goal of becoming environmentally friendly, as most plastic bags are not recyclable.

Thus, ensure to store everything in reusable bins or even recyclable cardboard boxes that you can drop off as a whole at the recycling unit.

To further support eco-friendly moving practices, consider hiring Boston moving companies that offer or recommend the use of such sustainable materials, thereby contributing to a greener relocation process.

3- Material for Packing

Packing materials are important materials to have when moving. Materials, such as bubble wrap, are important to protect the contents of a box during the move. Suppose one is moving fragile kitchenware that has a high chance of breaking during a move.

Thus, to avoid damage caused to delicate and breakable objects during a move, it is important to own protective packing materials.

4- Scotch Tape

Even though some might think that scotch tape will not be used during a moving process, it is considered one of the must-have tools to ensure protection during a moving process. As mentioned above, to protect delicate objects from breaking, it is important to wrap them in packing materials like bubble wrap. However, to ensure that the bubble wrap stays in its place, securing the ends with scotch tape is recommended.

One of the most used scotch tapes available by movers is by ScothBrand, which provides extreme grip.

5- Moving Dolly

A moving dolly is a must-have tool when moving heavy boxes. With a moving dolly, movers will ensure that they will not have to carry all the heavy boxes and thus preventing them from causing physical damage to their body parts.

6- Gloves

Gloves are another form of protecting oneself from harm during the packing stages of a move. With gloves, people will be ensured that they will not catch any blisters on their skin. Additionally, the gloves ensure that movers will have more grip over bulky boxes, which are difficult to manage.

7- Trash Bags

Even though using recyclable and reusable bins and boxes is suggested, having trash bags on hand can be effective and reduce the time it takes to achieve some tasks.

Nevertheless, use recyclable trash bags to ensure you are environmentally friendly.


8- Moving Truck

The most costly item is a moving truck; however, numerous companies offer trucks for rent. By renting a moving truck, one can safely move all boxes from one place to another without causing any accidents during the move.

9- Label Printer

A label printer has become a highly demanded tool ever since it became available in the market, and people have realized its benefits. Even though a label printer will increase the time it takes to pack, it will help one in the future during the unpacking process.

Using a label printer, movers will be able to mark and title the contents of each box and, thus, reduce the time it takes to figure out which box contains certain objects in the future.


To conclude, numerous other must-have tools can be necessary during the packing process. However, the ones mentioned above are considered some of the basic tools that every mover or recycler should own to reduce accidents and make the process of moving as effective as possible.