Elle Simone’s Weight Loss: Proven Strategies and Success Stories


Elle Simone Scott, a renowned American chef, food manufacturer, test cook, and food stylist, is best known for her appearances on America’s Test Kitchen From Cook’s Illustrated. Like many celebrities, her weight loss journey has garnered significant attention from both fans and the media. By sharing her story, Elle encourages and inspires others to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

In recent years, Elle went through a significant weight loss transformation, losing approximately 40 pounds. This transformation was initially met with concern by her fans, who were worried about her health. However, it was later revealed that this change was, in fact, intentional. Instead of succumbing to health issues, Elle used her experience and determination to achieve her weight loss goals.

As a passionate food expert, Elle Simone’s weight loss journey showcases how a balanced approach to health and wellness can lead to a happier and more fulfilling lifestyle. Sharing her story offers hope and support to those facing similar challenges and demonstrates the power of perseverance and dedication in overcoming obstacles.

Elle Simone’s Career

Early Life and Education

Elle Simone was born and raised in Detroit, where she developed her passion for cooking at a young age. She pursued higher education and graduated from Eastern Michigan University. After facing challenges in her career as a social worker, she decided to follow her true calling and enrolled at the Culinary Institute of New York.

Culinary Beginnings

During the 2008 recession, at the age of 28, Simone lost her job as a social worker. She took a job as a cook on a cruise ship, where she spent two years honing her culinary skills. After gaining experience in the industry, she decided to further her education and enrolled in culinary school.

Rise to Prominence

It takes determination and skill to earn a spot in America’s Test Kitchen, and Elle Simone has proven herself to be a tenacious learner. As a test cook and food stylist for the popular show, she has captivated audiences with her culinary creations, earning a well-deserved place in the culinary world.

Advocacy and Mentorship

Simone’s heart is not only in cooking but also in empowering other women chefs. She founded SheChef, an organization dedicated to providing mentorship, professional development, and networking opportunities to women chefs of color. As a leader in the food industry, she strives to ensure that these talented women find their place at the table.

Media Engagements

Apart from her work with America’s Test Kitchen, Elle Simone has also expanded her influence through other media engagements. She has appeared on the Food Network, The Chew, and the Cooking Channel, sharing her expertise in food styling and culinary techniques.

Leadership Roles

Elle Simone co-founded SheChef, Inc., a professional networking organization that aims to empower women chefs and restaurateurs. Through her work with Women Chefs and Restaurateurs, she has fostered connections between experienced professionals and aspiring chefs, building a strong community of support and mentorship.

Elle Simone’s Health Journey

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Cancer Challenge

As ovarian cancer survivors know, the journey through diagnosis and treatment can be a difficult and trying ordeal. For Elle Simone, her own battle with ovarian cancer began around six years ago when she was working as a freelance food stylist and a chef in Brooklyn, NY. She began experiencing pain in her lower right abdomen, which ultimately led to her diagnosis.

During her fight against cancer, Elle faced various challenges, including undergoing chemotherapy to treat it. Although she had the courage and resilience to confront the health crisis, the journey was by no means an easy one.

Weight Loss Decision

While Elle was dealing with ovarian cancer, she decided to take control of her health and make some changes regarding her weight. Along with her doctor’s guidance, Elle opted to undergo weight loss surgery, specifically bariatric surgery, to help her manage her overall health more effectively.

The decision to lose weight was an intentional one, as Elle wanted to improve her body composition, secure her long-term wellness, and reduce the likelihood of a cancer recurrence. Through a combination of bariatric surgery and adopting a healthier lifestyle, Elle ultimately lost approximately 40 pounds.

Recovery and Wellness

With the support of her personal trainer and medical team, Elle embarked on a journey towards recovery and wellness. This involved incorporating regular exercise, specifically strength training, into her routine to improve her overall fitness and well-being. Additionally, Elle focused on maintaining a healthy diet, which played an essential role in her journey to healing and achieving a better state of health.

By sharing her story, Elle Simone continues to inspire other ovarian cancer thrivers and those in search of guidance on their own wellness journey. The important elements of her health journey – from facing the cancer challenge head-on to making the decision to lose weight and focus on her well-being – resonate with many people who are facing similar obstacles, and demonstrate that taking control of one’s own health is an empowering and rewarding process.

Weight Loss Approach

Diet and Nutrition

In Elle Simone’s weight loss journey, her focus gravitated towards improving her overall health after facing a health crisis. As renowned professionals in the culinary field, we understand the importance of maintaining a balanced diet, especially during times of adversity. Simone realized the significance of managing her calorie intake and started making deliberate changes to her diet. Her experience in the hospitality industry, including working in a kosher bakery, helped her make knowledgeable choices in terms of nutrition.

Some key dietary changes we found to be effective in maintaining a healthy lifestyle include:

  • Balancing macronutrients: Achieving an optimal balance of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.
  • Incorporating whole foods: Consuming fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains to ensure adequate nutrient intake.
  • Limiting processed foods: Reducing the consumption of foods high in added sugars, unhealthy fats, and sodium.

Exercise and Fitness

Simone became more conscious of her physical well-being and started engaging herself in workouts to support her weight loss goals. The fitness industry offers a plethora of options when it comes to exercise routines. Strength and conditioning training is crucial for building lean muscle mass, which, in turn, boosts metabolism and accelerates the weight loss processes.

Some popular workout techniques we recommend are:

  • Aerobic activities: Engaging in activities such as brisk walking, running, or swimming to increase heart rate and endurance.
  • Strength training: Incorporating exercises that target different muscle groups, such as resistance bands, bodyweight exercises, or free weights.
  • Flexibility and balance: Practicing yoga or Pilates to improve posture, flexibility, and core strength.

Surgery and Aftercare

Elle Simone’s weight loss journey took an unexpected turn when an ultrasound revealed a cyst with cancerous characteristics in her right ovary, leading to ovarian cancer diagnosis and ultimately, weight loss surgery. Bariatric surgery can play a crucial role in the management of not only weight loss but also in addressing health issues related to obesity.

Post-surgery aftercare is vital to ensure long-lasting results and a seamless recovery. Some essential aftercare steps include:

  • Gradual reintroduction of foods: Starting with liquids, progressing to soft foods, and eventually transitioning to solid foods as advised by healthcare professionals.
  • Continuing with exercise: Regularly engaging in physical activities, as recommended by the surgeon or fitness professional, to maintain weight loss and overall well-being.
  • Mental and emotional support: Seeking guidance from support groups, therapists, or close friends and family to navigate the emotional challenges of post-surgery life.

Inspiration and Empowerment

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Community Impact

We have seen that Elle Simone’s weight loss journey has inspired many people, especially women of color, to transform their lives and adopt a healthier lifestyle. As a successful African-American woman from Detroit, Elle has used her platform and culinary career to act as a mentor and advocate for others facing similar challenges. Through her philanthropy and involvement with SheChef, a mentorship and networking organization, she has greatly impacted the lives of countless aspiring chefs and female entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry.

Sharing Personal Stories

Elle Simone has always been open about her struggles, including her battle with ovarian cancer and weight loss journey. By courageously sharing her story through social media and on her TV show, she aims to empower other women and strengthen her connection with the community. The “Share Your Story” campaign is one such initiative that allows others in the culinary world to share their stories of triumph, adversity, and success.

Supporting Women in Culinary

In addition to her work with SheChef, Elle is an ardent supporter of Women in Hospitality United, aiming to provide a network and support system for women in the food industry. Moreover, she serves on the board of Woman Chefs and Restaurateurs, further solidifying her dedication to empowerment and inclusivity in the culinary world. Her commitment to mentorship, networking, and forging connections has made a lasting impact on female chefs, restaurateurs, and other industry professionals.

Legacy and Influence

Influential Projects

Elle Simone Scott, an accomplished chef, producer, and food stylist, has left an indelible mark on the culinary world. Her influence is apparent in her work on America’s Test Kitchen, where she revolutionized cooking for millions of viewers. As one of the few African-American women in this role, she has become a prominent role model for aspiring chefs everywhere.

In addition to her television appearances, Elle has also created The Walk-In, a podcast where she interviews influential people in the food industry. Listeners can expect engaging conversations packed with insights and practical tips. Her work on The Walk-In shows her commitment to expanding opportunities for underrepresented groups, as she consistently elevates the voices of marginalized culinary professionals.

Role Models and Icons

Elle’s impact on the culinary world is grounded in the legacies of those who came before her. Among her icons, Edna Lewis, a highly respected African-American chef and cookbook author, stands out as a significant influence. Lewis’s advocacy for Southern cuisine and portrayal of African-American culinary culture inspired Elle and many others in their pursuits to create accessible, delicious, and culturally relevant dishes.

By acknowledging the contributions of role models like Edna Lewis, we better understand the foundation upon which Elle Simone Scott built her impressive career. Just as she has bridged the gap between the past and present, she encourages future generations to carry on the traditions of culinary excellence and inclusion, ensuring that her influence will resonate for years to come.

Navigating Industry Challenges

Economic Crises Impact

The world of culinary experienced major challenges during the Great Recession of 2008. At the time, Elle Simone, a talented American chef and social worker started her career in the culinary field. It was difficult for her to establish a footing in the food industry, but nevertheless, she persisted and overcame the obstacles. Our dedication to health and wellness also took a hit during this period, as we struggled to maintain a balance between our passion for food and maintaining our well-being.

Recessions often lead to cutbacks in various sectors, including the culinary industry:

  • Fewer job opportunities for those entering the field
  • Reducing the affordability of quality ingredients
  • Compromising the quality of dining experiences to cut costs

Cancer in the Culinary Industry

Another challenge we faced during our journey is the impact of health crises, both personal and global. When Elle Simone was diagnosed with Stage 1C Grade 3 ovarian cancer, our focus and priorities shifted. The diagnosis coincided with the COVID-19 pandemic, a situation that presented unique difficulties but also an opportunity to concentrate on improving our health.

Our collective fight against cancer involved:

  • Supporting ovarian cancer research through organizations like the Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance
  • Adapting our culinary career to prioritize health and wellness
  • Making deliberate changes to our diet and fitness routines

As we navigated these challenges, we learned valuable lessons:

  1. It is essential to have a strong support system to overcome personal and professional challenges
  2. Being proactive in managing our health is crucial, especially within the demanding food industry
  3. Embracing our vulnerability and growth can foster greater resilience and adaptability in our lives

Through these experiences, we found ways to maintain our passion and drive within the culinary industry while overcoming the various challenges posed by economic crises and health issues.

Elle Simone’s Future Endeavors

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New Initiatives and Projects

As we observe Elle Simone’s inspiring weight loss journey and her battle with ovarian cancer, she has become a symbol of strength and resilience in the culinary industry. With her experience and background as a chef, test cook, culinary producer, and food stylist, Elle is using her platform for positive change. In the coming years, we expect to see her vigorously participating in initiatives and projects related to health, mentorship, culinary arts, and philanthropy.

The significance of Elle Simone’s weight loss story extends beyond her own personal transformation. She has inspired countless individuals facing similar challenges to prioritize their health and wellbeing. Through collaborations with personal trainers and health experts, we anticipate that Elle will contribute to the development of effective wellness programs tailored to the unique needs of those in the culinary world.

In addition to her focus on health, Elle’s passion for mentorship can be observed through her nurturing of aspiring chefs. With the growing demand for culinary education, we foresee Elle venturing into the world of online cooking schools, offering innovative courses designed to empower budding chefs by building their skills and confidence. By sharing her wealth of knowledge, she will play a pivotal role in the evolution of the next generation of culinary artists.

Networking and community-building matter to Elle Simone. To that end, we envision the establishment of a robust networking organization that connects individuals within the culinary scene, fostering collaboration and mutual growth. By offering mentorship programs, both seasoned chefs and newcomers to the industry would benefit from the exchange of knowledge, experiences, and ideas.

Finally, Elle Simone’s philanthropic spirit will likely drive her to advocate for issues close to her heart, such as ovarian cancer awareness. By spearheading educational campaigns and partnering with existing non-profit organizations, she will actively raise funds to support research, prevention, and treatments.

In summary, Elle Simone’s future endeavors promise to deeply impact the world around her, transcending her culinary prowess. By leveraging her personal experiences and expertise, she will undoubtedly inspire, educate, and empower individuals throughout the health, culinary, and philanthropy sectors for years to come.


Our research on Elle Simone’s weight loss journey has shown that she has made impressive strides in improving her overall health. Her commitment to holistic wellness and embracing healthy lifestyle changes have resulted in significant weight loss. After her ovarian cancer diagnosis and undergoing treatment, Simone sought to focus more on her health and well-being.

Elle’s Approach:

  • Diet: Simone incorporated a variety of nutritious foods into her daily meals, focusing on portion control, fiber-rich options, and staying hydrated. She made a point to avoid junk food in favor of healthier alternatives.
  • Exercise: Yoga, strength training, and cardio workouts have been essential to her weight loss journey. These activities not only contributed to her physical health but also provided mental and emotional benefits.

Impact on her Life: Elle Simone’s weight loss journey demonstrates the power of resilience and determination. As a well-known chef, food manufacturer, test cook, and food stylist, she not only conquered her battle with cancer but also managed to transform her life, inspiring others in the process. Her holistic approach to wellness serves as a reminder to prioritize our health in all aspects of life.

To sum up, Elle Simone’s weight loss journey is a testament to the power of self-discipline, a healthy lifestyle, and determination. We hope her story serves as an inspiration for others looking to overcome their own personal challenges and lead a healthier, happier life.

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