6 Ways to Regain Original Pre-Pregnancy Body

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Motherhood comes with its bundle of joys which are undoubtedly unmatched in the entire world.

Now, after the beautiful journey of nine months and those exhausting labor pains, when you want to look back, the only thing that attracts you to it is your pre-pregnancy body shape.

Following childbirth, your routine and eating habits go haywire. This implies that those extra kilos you have put on during pregnancy are bound to stay longer than expected.

However, with experts’ advice and tips, you can return to your original pre-pregnancy body. You can also get help from websites such as TheQueenMomma, which offers all the needed support in the form of information and tips to new mothers.

Relevant Tips To Regain Pre-Pregnancy Body

Let us walk through some of the practical tips offered by experts to help you get back to your pre-pregnancy body shape.

1. Walking is the Best Exercise

Walking, as per experts, is the best exercise to lose weight for new mothers.

However, it would help if you took a green signal from your doctor first. Foremost, start taking short walks so that it does not have a harmful effect on your body.

Walking gets your body moving, meanwhile helping you to lose calories. Unfortunately, many new mothers find it difficult to do heavy exercises for quite some time after delivery. Thus, experts advise walking to get that strength back in your body; however, only after six weeks.

2. Kegels and Pelvic Tilts

You can perform Kegels and pelvic tilts just after your delivery, depending on what kind of delivery you had and what your doctor says.

These exercises would not only help in increasing the blood supply to the perineum muscles but also helps in hastening your recovery period.

When you inhale and exhale air through your belly, it helps in getting your abs in position, with your hips and abdominal weight getting down.

3. Maintaining Nutritional Diet

In addition to Exercise, it is essential to maintain a healthy and nutritious diet. For example, you can start by consuming a low-glycemic carbs diet that can help maintain weight. Thus, it is essential to include more proteins and less of carbs in your diet.

However, it is always advisable to talk to your doctor and nutritionist before going on a diet. They are the best people to give advice on what to eat and what not to eat.

In addition, ensure not to skip your meals as it will only lead to nutritional deficiency and weight gain.

4. Breastfeeding Helps in Weight Loss

Believe it or not, breastfeeding can also help to lose weight. On average, your body burns around 400 to 500 calories daily while making breast milk.

In fact, breastfeeding can help many new moms to lose some weight without doing much if they continue feeding their milk to the baby.

However, breastfeeding is not your ticket to getting back pre-pregnancy body back, but it can surely help. Per experts, breastfeeding helps in stimulating some hormone releases that can assist in reducing your uterus and post-pregnancy belly.

5. Strength Training

In addition to other light exercises, you can also continue with strength training. These strength training exercises not only increase your metabolism but also help in burning your post-pregnancy fat efficiently.

To start, you can do a few squats along with shoulder raises. You can also take help from a professional trainer to do proper strength training exercises.

6. Abdominal Exercises

Abdominal exercises also help you lose post-pregnancy weight and regain your original body shape. However, physiotherapists recommend starting regular abdominal exercises for at least three to six months.

These exercises are the safest to perform after childbirth and are effective enough to help lose some weight while gaining strength muscle-wise. The two most straightforward and most common abdominal exercises are rolling your knees and bending your knees.

Belly binding, or the wrapping bands around the abdomen, is highly recommended in reducing the effects of diastasis recti or the separation of the abdominal muscles. This separation results in a noticeable bulge above or below your belly button, which can be unflattering. But there are more benefits to postpartum belly binding than simply helping with this condition. It can also soothe swelling and inflammation, provide back support, and contribute to faster childbirth recovery.

Final Words

Every new mother has a long and challenging journey ahead of her, and one main task remains to return back to her original pre-pregnancy body.

This is where experts come into the picture who have designed some tips and tricks that can help new moms in losing weight.

Following these tips will not only help in weight loss but also make the process stress-free. Happy weight loss!