Inside Doja Cat’s Health and Fitness Journey: From Mindset to Diet

Doja Cat

Doja Cat is one of the most famous American singers. She has won a Grammy Award and has been nominated for one 16 times. In the past several months, Doja Cat weight loss transformation has become a popular topic.

And she will be the first to admit, that journey was not an easy one. The famous singer put a lot of physical and mental effort to achieve her physique.

Doja initially weighed 140 pounds. Many people would not consider that overweight, but the singer struggled with body dysmorphia almost her entire life. That made her obsessively focus on perceived flaws in appearance.

Following her weight loss journey, the American singer weighs 120 pounds.

Get To Know Doja Cat

Born Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini, Doja is a singer, rapper, and songwriter from Los Angeles. Born in LA, California, in October 1995, she grew up in a creative household. Her father is an actor and film producer, while her mother is a painter.

Doja has been in the music industry since 2008 when she was only 13 years old. She began releasing music on SoundCloud in 2013, but her breakthrough came a few years later. In 2018, she released her hit single Mooo! It went viral, propelling Doja to mainstream success. Thanks to her newfound popularity, Zandile signed with RCA Records in 2019 and released her debut album, Amala.

In 2020, she released her second album called Hot Pink, further increasing her popularity. This album contained hit singles like Say So, Like That, and more.

Besides her music career, fans recognize Doja for her unique fashion sense. The American rapper has become a style icon for young people. She is also vocal about her struggles with anxiety and depression, using her platform to raise awareness about mental health issues.

Doja Cat before and after weight loss
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How A Song Influenced Her Weight Loss Journey?

As we said before, Doja Cat’s weight loss journey was not an easy one. It required extreme mental effort and physical strength to achieve it.

Doja has body dysmorphia, a condition that made her opt for the weight loss journey. She wrote a song about it called Juicy, which describes how she accepted the fact.

In one interview, she spoke about the condition and how her song is linked to it. She said, “It started during my teens, which I think is where it begins for most people. I started really growing, and I never really thought I looked good in a lot of the stuff I wore. I feel like that song was therapeutic for me. I kind of made it for myself, well, the meaning behind it, at least. I was kind of doing it for my own happiness and I feel like other people can definitely pull some joy from that too. Now I just try to focus on eating well, but I definitely still struggle with body dysmorphia a bit now. But I think that’s to be completely expected when there are all these phones in your phase, right”?

Motivation is always necessary for success, no matter if it is the music industry, weight loss goals, or fitness goals. With focus, you can achieve anything.

Doja Cat Exercise Routine

Doja Cat lost only 20 pounds, but it made a huge difference in her look and the way she perceived her body and overall health. We know weight loss is a simple mathematic formula, “more burned calories than consumed calories”.

And a big part of that equation is workout routine. Doja exercised more often and began toning her body with different types of workouts, including cardio exercises. Some of those include cycling, running, and dancing. Being that she loves to dance, it came naturally to her.

Doja implemented morning and evening cardio sessions in her healthy lifestyle. She says she got around 15 hours of cardio exercises per week, which is a great amount of cardio for weight loss.

Doja Cat’s Diet

But exercise is not the only part of the equation. We said, burned versus consumed calories. What you consume matters. And for Doja, that meant changing her lifestyle to healthier options. She wanted to eat good food. While she rarely shares details about her daily meals or snacks, Doja gives hints about healthy foods.

She consumes spinach, seaweed, eggs, protein-rich meals, vegetables, and fruits. Speaking of fruits, she drinks plenty of juice, be it fruit juices or green juices.

Here is a sample of her day and what she eats.

  • For breakfast, she has 2 eggs and a toast
  • For lunch, Doja has salmon or tuna fish, and vegetables
  • Her evening snack is seaweed chips and coffee
  • And for her dinner, she has spinach, chicken steak, and salad

She does follow a balanced diet plan, but not on a regular basis. It should give you an idea of what she consumes on a daily basis to remain healthy and lose weight.

healthy diet

Responding To Fans

In March 2023, the famous American singer took to social media and Instagram live to address her fans and their concerns. She clapped back at fans after their weight loss concerns. People were commenting about Doja Cat’s weight loss, so she took to Instagram to respond.

She was due to tour with The Weeknd on his After Hours tour. But as of March 2023, she is undergoing voice rest following surgery. She spoke to fans using voice software on her computer.

Speaking through it, she said, “it isn’t your place to speak. It is my choice to eat more healthy food and exercise”.

She also said she is “sick and tired of y’all talking about my body”. In the Instagram live session, she showed her new icy-white and pink hair.

Did She Have Surgery?

Many fans thought Amala had a weight loss surgery. But that is not the case. She openly talks about her struggles with body image but has embraced her curves and celebrates them.

Doja hasn’t had any weight loss surgery as far as we know. Instead, she opted for a workout routine and a healthy diet plan to lose weight.

Understanding Body Dysmorphia

Also known as Body Dysmorphic Disorder, it is a mental health condition. A person with that condition is preoccupied with perceived flaws or defects in their physical appearance. People do that even if these so-called flaws are minor or non-existent.

People with BDD may spend hours each day obsessing over their appearance and engage in compulsive behaviors like excessive grooming or checking their appearance in mirrors. Sometimes, they might even avoid social situations and activities where their perceived flaws are more noticeable.

The condition can have a significant impact on a person’s quality of life and lead to social isolation, anxiety, depression, and even suicidal thoughts. Body dysmorphia can affect people of all ages and genders. There is no research and clear reason for the cause. Treatment involves a combination of therapy and medication, as well as support groups.

Doja has been dealing with the condition for many years. And she has finally gone through the transformation that makes her love her body more.

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