15 Exceptional DIY Candle Decorations For The Jolly Holidays

by Vicky

Ah yes, the holidays are in the air. It really is the best time of the year! With the hustle and bustle of shopping, gatherings, work, baking … it’s easy to forget about those things that bring us a bit of cheer at home.

Christmas candle decorations are popular for decorating. They are used widely for interior decoration because their light warms up your space easily. Candles are a symbol of light that brings the hope of life into your home. When used as decorative pieces they bring an eye-catching hue to the surrounding. Candles are on the top of the list when shopping for Christmas. They are always a favorite during the holiday season. Thus there is no Christmas theme without candle decorations. Christmas candle decorations are a beautiful light addition to get a charming hue on your holiday décor.

You can make an exciting centerpiece, decorate your mantel, window sill, even your porch. Have a look at some cool Christmas candle ideas that you can make yourself.


1. Rustic Wood Candle Decor

If you enjoy interesting details according to the seasons, it’s time to try some simple ideas that will make your home pleasant and unique. We like candles as a centerpiece at the dinner table. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, because with this idea you will bring nature indoors during the holidays. We share with you a tutorial on how to make some rustic candle holders from logs for this season’s centerpiece. Enjoy!

2. Cut-out Wooden Candle Decor

Given that the colder weather can sometimes make it a little less pleasant to enjoy the outdoors, a great DIY project for you to bring a little of the outdoors back inside is a candle holder made out of wood. It’s a super simple idea that adds a nice bit of rustic warmth to any room when it’s a little too chilly to go outside. Check out the tutorial to see how it is made.


3. DIY Pine Cones Candle Decor

These rustic ornaments draw attention to the beauty of the winder days. They mimic the changes going on outside. Almost an illustrative story, telling how the colorful leaves and cones fall from their trees leaving the branches bare, only to later be covered in magical snow. For this DIY, it is as simple as finding or buying pinecones and adapting them to hold candles for subtle ambiance. Enjoy!

4. Cinnamon Sticks Candle Decor

Delight your senses this season with a handmade cinnamon stick candle holder. It’s a lovely way to dress up an inexpensive candle and create a warm, inviting atmosphere. It also makes a nice gift to give for the holidays or any time of the year.

5. Sweater Candle Decor

These little candle holders only take a couple of minutes to make and look so pretty with the candlelight burning inside! Plus it’s a great way to repurpose two things… old socks and old sweaters! See, this is why you never throw things away! You just never know when you might need them!

6. Mason Jar Rustic Candle Decor

If you love mason jars and candles, then the DIY Christmas Mason Jar Candle is the perfect homemade Christmas craft for you. These mason jar candles make perfect gifts for your friends, teachers, or anyone else on your list. You can even make your own candle to put in these mason jars. Before you know it, your house will be filled with heavenly smells and a warm glow will be cast over your room.

7. Snowy Mason Jar Candle Decor

These DIY Christmas Tea Light Holders are incredibly easy to make using unexpected items: Epsom salt and glitter. They are a beautiful holiday display for flameless tea lights, or could even be used as a vase for holiday garland or flowers.

8. Mason Jar Oil Candle Decor

This is a great use of your random mason jars and will add some festive cheer to your house this season. Make a few of these candle holders and spread them throughout your home (bathroom, bookshelf, coffee table.) Or feel free to group them together for a sparkly candle display. We wish all holiday projects were this easy. Now back to wrapping presents…

9. Glittering Jar Candy Cane Candle Decor

This DIY candy cane candle will add a festive look and aroma to any table.  You won’t believe how easy (and fun) this holiday decor project is to make! Grab a bag of sparkles and let’s get started on this fun holiday project.

10. Recycled Bottles Candle Decor

Making a Christmas Candle Holder is an easy quick little craft that makes the sweetest candle decorations ever.  So if you are looking for an unusual candle holder for a centerpiece or a set of candle holders for a side table, grab your candles and some bottles and start decorating!

11. Tin Can Candle Decor

These tin can holders are one of those fun little holiday crafts that are inexpensive and very easy to make.  You can go for one but you can create five or more for your table set among holly or pine boughs.  Wouldn’t that be gorgeous? And they are made in seconds!

12. Cookie Cutter Candle Decor

Everybody loves coming up with creative handmade gifts every year for Christmas. So this idea for cookie-cutter candles on will inspire you to try making some crafty projects. If you have cookie cutters, great! That’s the main thing you will need for this one. Picked out your favorite holiday shapes and get to work.

13. Glitter Cloche Candle Decor

Glitz up your candle holders and let them shine bright on your dinner table tonight. These cute glittery DIY candle holders are one of the best easy DIY centerpieces that you can make. They’re so simple and easy to make that you will want to make dozens of them.

14. Maple Leaf Candle Decor

Photo: diys.com

These fall leaf candle holders are really fun to make and display with your fall or winter decor. They do take a little bit of patience to make, but they really are festive and look beautiful when they are done.

15. Evergreen Candle Decor

Take a pretty glass bottle, bits of evergreen inside of it, and set candles onto it to combine the freshness of greenery with the welcoming warmth of candlelight.

To feel the real charm of the festive atmosphere, we want to make sure that your home is decorated in a special way. If you have not still decided how to decorate and beautify your space, make sure to use some of our ideas on how to make unique holiday decorations from your candles! Which idea is your favorite one? Leave a comment below!


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