Casey King’s Weight Loss – Follow the Journey of Family by the Ton Star

Casey King

Casey King is the charismatic star of the TLC new show, Family by the Ton. It is a spinoff of the hit reality show, My 600 lb Life. Casey is serious about changing his lifestyle. The 700-pound man from Georgia lives with his father and spends most of his playing video games from bed. How much weight did he lose? How did he do it? Let’s find out more about Casey King’s weight loss journey.

Fans first get to know King in the TLC’s show, Family By the Ton. He was joined by other family members, Amanda Johnson and Amy Long. He was the heaviest out of the three. At the time, Casey weighed more than 700 pounds.

He constantly gives updates on his Casey King weight loss journey on Instagram, sharing posts with fans on social media. There, you can follow his weight loss transformation.

How Much Does He Weigh Now?

Casey King fat

It is an astonishing transformation. After starting the season around 700 pounds, Casey had an emotional goodbye with his family he has to check for his weight loss surgery.

Casey went under the knife to get bariatric surgery, and it was all part of an exclusive clip from season 2 of Family by the Ton. He went down to 631 pounds after starting the season at 700 pounds.

In the episode before going for surgery, he said, “I am losing. I want to run out of the room, hop on a train, and never come back. But I can’t back out now.”

To get to a weight that was acceptable for surgery, King has been steadfast in his commitment to changing his overall lifestyle and improving his health. He never planned to give up on video games, but he followed a strict diet and saw a personal trainer for the first time in his life.

Talking to his parents from his hospital bed, Casey King broke into tears and said, “I am just like terrified. I hate that I am so scared. I can’t help it”.

Following the surgery, Casey King lost nearly 600 pounds. But the biggest downside to losing such an amount of weight is the excess skin it leaves behind.

Following his weight loss surgery, Casey King was faced with another problem. What to do with the excess skin?

Casey King Diet

Casey King before and after weight loss

While weight loss surgery is not a solution for everyone, you can always shed some pounds by sticking to a healthier diet and starting a workout routine. Casey King is the charismatic star of the Family by The Ton. And his diet is something you can employ to try and shed some pounds.

His mother and father helped prepare food for his meal plan, and the conversation often got tense during the TV show. You can also pick up some lessons from his lifestyle and how he got so big and obese.

Casey says, “The one thing I’ve enjoyed even when I was smaller was video games”. He adds that he would still play the games even if he got down to 200 pounds.

His mother believes video games are not the problem, but Casey should be moving more. She admits, “I’m done fighting with Casey about these video games. The bottom line is I’m going to support Casey regardless of what he does, but I’m still going to push him a little bit”.

Speaking of his diet, Casey had to turn to a more vegetable-based diet. For example, in one episode, his mother cooked him a lettuce wrap with meat and cheese. It is a balanced meal that contains carbs, protein, and healthy fat.

Even though they argue about his video games, Casey admits his mother is his number-one supporter and his biggest fan.

What About Skin Surgery In The Future?

Casey King after losing weight

Casey King has been trying to lose weight for quite a while. And following his weight loss surgery, he had to face another problem, excess skin. The Family by the Ton star revealed that people think his extra skin is gone, but it is not. He hasn’t done it yet.

Posting on social media, Casey didn’t explain why he hasn’t had a skin removal surgery yet, but he hasn’t ruled it out. Maybe someday down the road, as he explains.

At one point, he focused on things other than another surgery. Like, losing more weight and keeping it off. But following his weight loss surgery, he was in a vulnerable state. But one thing he hasn’t lost focus on is the love and support of his fans. He always lets them know he appreciates the love and support and assures them he knows of their support.

Fans Supporting Him

Casey King weight loss

The reality Casey lives in the past few years is not something easy to accept and understand. The TLC personality and TLC star lost more than 600 pounds. But he was left with excess skin behind.

The show offered obese individuals like Casey King an opportunity to lose weight and later return for skin removal at absolutely no cost. But Dr. Now reportedly abandoned Casey and forced him to resolve the hefty medical bills that came with skin removal surgery on his own.

Yet, Casey has the support of his fans behind him. A representative of GoFundMe shared the news that Casey is having a wildly successful campaign to cover the cost of his skin removal surgery.

The campaign, called Help Casey Fund His Skin Removal Surgery briefly removed fans that nothing is black and white on television and in entertainment.

Casey managed to raise all the money needed for his procedure in just 24 hours. More than 700 people have donated and raised more than $16,000 to help Casey King.

The TLC star reacted on Facebook and other social media platforms to say thanks to his fans. He admitted he was speechless by how a group of kind strangers have helped him. He added that he truly appreciates all of the help he is getting for his procedure.

He finished his post by saying, “I don’t even know how to put into word what they’re doing for me”. There is faith in humanity. People like Casey King deserve kindness.

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