Jeongyeon’s Weight Gain – Unveiling The Truth Behind Everything


TWICE’s Jeongyeon continues to be in and out of the spotlight because of her ongoing health complications. And now, a reporter shared some details that may have unveiled the truth behind everything.

Jeongyeon weight gain has been the subject of online ridicule for a while. And fans are pushing back in her defense. When she returned to the public in January 2021, with a performance at the Seoul Music Awards, fans quickly noticed her weight gain. What is the story behind it? Let’s take a look.

TWICE’s fans, called ONCEs, quickly pointed out that she probably gained weight because of injuries and anxiety disorder medications.

Get To Know Jeongyeon

Jeongyeon is a South Korean singer and member of the internationally acclaimed girl group TWICE. Born Yoo Jeong-yeon in November 1996 in Suwon, South Korea, she showed a passion for singing and performing at a young age. And her talent and dedication put her on a path to a career in the entertainment industry.

Speaking of her educational background, information about it is limited. What is known is that she attended an arts high school, but her focus was on music and performance. She didn’t drop out of school. As far as we know, Jeongyeon completed her high school education. However, she eventually pursued a career in the entertainment industry as a professional singer.

Her career began when she joined JYP Entertainment as a trainee. After years of training, she made her debut as a member of the girl group TWICE in 2015. The group quickly gained popularity and became one of the leading K-pop groups globally.

TWICE are famous for its infectious music and captivating performances. Jeongyeon’s role in TWICE extends beyond her vocal abilities. She is also recognizable for her unique and charismatic stage presence. The strong visual presence is a huge part of TWICE’s success. Jeongyeon is a versatile performer, one who can handle different concepts.

As part of the girl group, she has released several hit singles, including Cheer Up, Feel Special, Likey, TT, and many more. They have success in South Korea, but also in international charts. Their dedicated fan base is growing larger every day.

In 2020, she took a hiatus to focus on her mental health and well-being. Jeongyeon returned to TWICE in January 2021, with a performance at the Seoul Music Awards. Her dedication to the craft, powerful vocals, and captivating performances are a huge part of the success of the group.

Jeongyeon is an influential figure in the K-pop industry and has a lasting impact on the music landscape.

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Uncovering The Truth Behind Her Health Status

It was reporter Lee Jin Ho who found the real truth behind Jeongyeon’s health condition. He uploaded a video on YouTube, alluding to the real truth behind her condition and Jeongyeon’s weight gain. He started the video by detailing her ongoing health concerns and constant cancellations of her TWICE promotions.

He said, “Recently, JYP Entertainment released an official statement sharing that Jeongyeon would not be participating in the upcoming world tour. Jeongyeon previously halted her activities two other times, once back in October 2020 and another in August 2021”.

The reporter continued to reveal the truth behind her hiatus, sharing it has to do with her neck injury.

He said, “Last year in June, Jeongyeon underwent a herniated disk surgery for her neck and she halted her promotions. While she persisted through the pain time and time again, she was admitted to the hospital a week before TWICE’s comeback. At the time, Jeongyeon revealed that she didn’t want ‘to show ONCEs the pain’ so she didn’t say anything and hid it from them”.

He then continued talking about her weight gain, which happened following the neck surgery.

Lee Jin Ho explained, “This February, Jeongyeon made her comeback through TWICE’s comeback. However, Jeongyeon’s changed image was noticeable on the comeback stage. She looked different from before. She concerned her fans with her weight gain. And while she looked like she could struggle with the choreography due to the state of her body, her passion was unmatched even compared to her other members”.

But he didn’t end the video there. He continued to explain how and why she had to gain weight, saying, “Firstly, Jeongyeon underwent her herniated disk surgery back in 2020. One of the medications that herniated disk patients, who undergo the recovery process, take the most is a steroid. One of the biggest side effects of this steroid medication is edema (swelling of limbs)”.

Another side effect of the strong steroid medication is an increase in appetite. And then, we have to take into account the aggressive cravings.

The Korean reporter explained, “There are many instances where your appetite and your cravings become even more heightened. Because taking high doses of steroids can create stomach sensitivity, a person’s appetite tends to unknowingly grow over time”.

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When Did She Gain Weight?

The South Korean singer gained weight not because she wanted to. As we saw, it was all because of health problems. The problem is she became a victim of body shaming because of gaining weight. It is cruel, disgusting, and insensitive.

When she appeared at the Seoul Music Awards in January 2021, the reason for her weight gain was not known. She didn’t talk about it. It was later revealed she had to take time off because of health issues.

Fans Showing Their Support

In June 2021, while promoting Alcohol-Free, Jeongyeon revealed that she actually lost 17 lbs, but it caused concerns about losing weight too quickly.

Two months later, she took another break from the group’s activities due to injury. And that is when the nasty comments began appearing online.

There were countless posts of fat shaming on South Korean social media. But there were also fans who defended her.

There were comments like, “But everyone is protecting her for the sole reason that she is unwell. Yes? Obviously? Yes! How heartless can people be”, “And what’s wrong with being fat? Look at your attitude. It’s horrible as your appearance. Maybe you’re just insecure because you were born sad and fugly”, and “She is still beautiful. I don’t see where is the problem”.

Truth be told, fans were delighted to see her enjoying the shoot and dancing along with her group members. They are rooting for her return to the spotlight.

One fan wrote, “Jeongyeon is always so funny and witty, I miss her too much, I hope she really recovers soon and feels comfortable appearing in front of the cameras. Get well soon, ONCE awaits you patiently”.

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