Blue Aura Meaning – How To Find Your Aura


Metaphysical practitioners and believers say that vibrations cause aura colors. They believe that every atom and every molecule in the universe translates itself into patterns. Then, these patterns emanate from the body as vibrations and the human eye can perceive them as colors. Today, we will try to explain the blue aura meaning. What does it mean when you see blue colors?

As the human eye is gaining the power to see aura colors, we try to find out what does it mean. Generally speaking, the blue color is associated with people who are helpful, spiritual, intuitive, understanding, and freethinking.

How Do You See An Aura?

Is this your first time seeing someone’s aura? Or have you tried it before? Is the person in front of a white background? When you want to see an aura, you need to concentrate on one spot on the person’s face. The most preferable place is the forehead. Do that without taking your eyes off for 60 seconds.

While staring at the forehead, try to scan the outer edges of the head, shoulders, and arms. When the white around the areas is brighter, you have witnessed the presence of an aura.

Blue aura is not the only one you can see. You can also see green aura, orange aura, yellow aura, red aura, white aura, purple aura, and many more true colors.

But do not worry if that doesn’t happen to you for the first time. It takes a lot of time and concentration to master the method.

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Can You Feel An Aura?

It is a lot easier to sense and feel an aura than see it. Standing face to face with the person is the way to go. Once you stand next to him, place the palm of your hand six to eight inches away from the top of his head.

Keep that distance, and slowly move your hands down the body. Do that around the entire body, not only at the sides. Eventually, you can recognize a tiny fluffy effect as you move down. This effect feels like you are squishing your hands into a feather-light pillow.

That is the electromagnetic energy of the aura. You can feel it, but you cannot see it. No, this way you cannot know the color of the aura.

Blue Aura General Meaning

What are some different aura color meanings? Other than blue energy, you can have colors like violet aura, gold aura, and even black aura.

Let’s talk a bit about blue aura meaning. When you see blue in someone’s aura, it is a sign of a powerful mind. You are in the presence of a person who is a bit in the clouds. A person with a blue aura operates in the mental realm and needs to remember to ground himself.

But generally speaking, this blue aura person is very insightful. Remember, blue is the color of the throat chakra. It is also the aura of truth and governing expression.

Different Shades Of Blue Aura

How many shades of blue do you know? What are some of the different color shades of blue aura? Let’s take a look at the three main variations of blue.

Turquoise Blue

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One spiritual author says that turquoise represents confidence in knowledge. It is also a sign of truly knowing yourself. People with this type of aura are speakers, singers, teachers, or healers.

They are willing to take on a leadership role. And no, this is not the special turquoise aura. It is just a different color shade of blue.

True Blue

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This is cobalt blue or royal blue aura as we call it. It is a rich and bright color. It relates to communication, self-expression, intuition, and clarity.

People with true blue aura are intuitive and spiritual. They have a strong connection with the unknown and enjoy the depth of life. Some would say they even have psychic ability.

Sky Blue

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Sky blue is a light blue color that is considered a creative aura. These people tend to be highly talented creative leaders. They use their skills and voice to help others.

People with light blue aura are great at communication and expressing their thoughts. Their strength lies in their voice and spreading positive energy.

Connection Between Blue Aura And Throat Chakra

As we said before, the blue aura is linked with the throat chakra. Generally speaking, all aura colors, are linked to different chakras and spiritual energy.

When your blue aura is bright and clear, your throat chakra is balanced and flowing. But when the blue looks murky, neon, or washed out, it is a sign you struggle to express yourself.

What Are Your Challenges?

If you are a person with blue aura color, you have creative and intuitive energy. But it comes with its challenges.

Yes, you might be an excellent communicator, but you tend to share slightly more of the masculine energy. You might be too assertive, logical, and action-oriented. It is good to get in touch with your feminine energy and learn how to go with the flow.

When your communication is stifled, you are anxious and too dogmatic.

Challenges In Love, Relationship, And Career

Blue aura meaning is closely related to truth. A blue aura person is an honest and open partner. They are loyal, reliable, and trustworthy. Expect a person with blue aura color to be by your side through many ups and downs in life. Their energy is calm and stable.

Because of their calm nature, blue aura people know how to communicate effectively even during arguments. This guy or girl will have enough self-control to speak to you with respect.

As for the professional world, people with a blue aura want to share their truth and ideas. They often look for jobs where they can be creative and imaginative.

They thrive in places where they can feel free to share their own idea openly and honestly.

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Blue Color In Everyday Life

Blue is a common color in everyday life. It is one of the primary colors. Do you know any of the metaphorical and literal meanings of blue? Let’s take a look at some examples of meanings associated with the blue color.

– When used together, navy blue and white create a nautical and oceanic color palette that represents sailing

– The term feeling blue refers to extreme calm feelings. Sometimes we also use the term getting the blues to refer to sadness or depression

– The term out of the blue is a reference to something unexpected

– Speaking of blue color associations, the term singing the blues is a reference to someone complaining about his/her circumstances

– We use the expression true blue for someone who is loyal and faithful

– Another term, baby blues, refers to the sadness that women feel after giving birth. It is a term we often associated with post-partum depression

Blue ribbon represents the best, top prize, or first place

– The term into the blue is a reference to entering the unknown

Blue Monday is another popular term and we use it to describe feeling sad, usually when the weekend is over and we start a new workweek

Blue law is a reference to laws passed to enforce specific moral standards

– The saying blue language is a reference to using profanity

How To Find Your Aura Color?

We talked in the beginning about how you can find the aura reading of another person. But how to find out your own aura color?

Anyone can read an aura. But it is important to trust your intuition. For this exercise, you need to look in the mirror for one minute in front of a white background. Focus on the middle of your forehead. Without moving your eyes, scan the outer perimeter of your head and shoulders. If you see any colors surrounding your head, that is your aura.

Another way you can find your aura color is to look at your hands for one minute. You can notice a glow radiating from the outside lining. It might take you a few tries, but you will find your aura color eventually.

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