Why Do You Need a Resume Builder?

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Creating a resume is anything but easy, but you need one to illustrate your work experience, skills, and capabilities in front of a potential employer.

Most job postings require a CV or resume for the selection process. A poorly made resume may get dismissed by an ATS (applicant tracking software), which means your profile will most likely get rejected even before it’s viewed by the hiring manager.

As the hiring pool becomes more competitive, it’s important to create a resume that not only looks good but also reads well. A resume builder can make all the difference, allowing users to explore various types of professional field-tested resume templates.

Here’s how a resume builder can help speed up your job application process.

Is a Resume Still Considered Important?

Yes, resumes are still relevant in the digital age.

When you apply for any job, your resume is the first document that gets viewed by a potential employer or hiring agency. But it doesn’t tell the entire story, so adding a cover letter to your job application is important.

In fact, 75% of resumes aren’t even read by hiring managers. Most get scanned by applicant tracking software, and this gatekeeper can reject your profile even before it reaches the eyes of the recruiter.

Why Use a Resume Builder?

Allows You to Focus on Your Job Hunt

A resume builder automates the entire process of creating a resume. This online creator does all the writing, editing, and designing for you. All you need to do is fill in the necessary info about your work experience, skills, and other details. The resume builder will automatically format the content in the template without any hassles.

Helps You Customize the Design and Print

If you’re particularly fond of colors and fonts, a resume builder can provide plenty of options in terms of design and template. With a reliable resume builder, you can customize the template based on your needs. Additionally, you can choose the design of the resume, stay true to your personal brand, and still ensure a professional look.

Explore Predesigned Templates for Your Industry

Do you work in the creative sector? Are you a software engineer? Perhaps you’re a sales expert looking for the right resume to showcase your talents. The best resume builders will provide you a range of pre-made templates ideal for your field. Such templates will emphasize the right sections to make your profile more appealing to a hiring manager.

Optimize Your Resume With the Right Keywords

A resume builder also allows users to add relevant keywords in the content so that it gets picked up by hiring managers and recruiters alike. Most HR professionals target resumes that have specific keywords within the content. Optimizing the resume with necessary search terms will increase your profile’s visibility and help you stay a step ahead.

Helps Save on Time and Energy During the Job Hunt

If you’re already stressed about your job hunt, the last thing you need to worry about is creating a resume. With an online resume-building software, you can save on both time and effort. It is extremely useful when you need to send different versions of your resume to different recruiters, as it allows you to edit and update the document as per your needs.