16 Wholesome And Funny Family X-Mas Photoshoot Ideas

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Before land-line phones in every household, before the Internet and smartphones, people send out their holiday greetings by mail, with a letter r a holiday greeting card. The tradition of sending actual greeting cards is still alive today, be it a generic card or a personalized family Christmas card you send to your relatives. There’s no denying it that in this day and age where everything is electronic and we’re all connected more than ever before, people feel so disconnected and crave that little personal touch to the things they receive.

With everything being so serious this year, going for a classic series family shoot might not be what you’re after when you think about it. It is the season of spreading hope and you, and what better way to show your good spirit to your relatives and friends than doing a bit of a goofy or unusual family Christmas card?

Here are some photoshoot ideas you can easily recreate and ones that your entire family will certainly enjoy doing. We made you a shortlist of a few fun ideas and a few gorgeous ideas that will certainly capture the spirit of this year’s Christmas and will make all your relatives smile and relate when they get their cards this year.

1. Kiss The Baby

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Becoming parents for the first time is one of the greatest things that can happen in one’s life. If you’re celebrating this Christmas with your firstborn, congratulations. We bet you can’t wait to send a card of your newest addition to the family to everyone However, taking a perfect picture of a baby is almost an impossible task. This idea is baby-proof and absolutely adorable. By kissing the baby on both cheeks at the same time, you get the baby to stand still and that squished face you’ll capture is the most adorable thing ever.

2. Tied Up For Christmas

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Having several young kids can be tiring for the parents, but this year with home schooling and working from home, it must have been exhausting. All parents know this, but you don’t have to put on a brave happy face for your Christmas card. Have fun with it and let everyone know that you might be tied up, but you’re still hanging in there.

3. Christmas Props

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Kids usually love taking pictures, but not all of them stay still for long. Leting them be funny and themselves usually get you the best pictures. To keep it with the holiday theme, give them some props, small Santa beards, hats or antlers on a stick and snap away. The collage you’ll end up with will be priceless.

4.  Lazy Holiday

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“Sleeping the year away” is something we all heard probably more than once this year, and not because of laziness, unfortunately. This photoshoot idea captures more than taking it easy for the holidays. It captures the family staying through it all together… Even if it’s sleeping in for the holiday.

5. Chalk Art Holiday Magic

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Snow-covered streets it to be expected during winter months if you live up north. For those living in warmer climates, you might pull off this kind of Holiday photoshoot which your kids will absolutely love. After all, they can help make it. Drawing a huge holiday image with chalk on the sidewalk and posing with it in a fun way is definitely not your ordinary holiday card image, but one that everyone will remember.

6. Letting You Know We’re Fine

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Simple is sometimes better. You don’t have to hire a professional to take your picture or use elaborate props to create a picture your friends and relatives can appreciate. This year especially, all that everyone wants to know about their dear ones is that they’re OK. And this photoshoot idea is just that. Your family will appreciate it.

7. A Silent Night

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Quarantining has been tough on everyone. Kids are cooped up at home, trying to find ways to stay entertained and active, not seeing their friends and parents having to deal with working from home and the occasional outburst of emotions from the kids. At times, all you want is some peace and quiet. If there ever was a time when all adults would relate to a photoshoot idea, it would be this one. It’s all in fun and games, and the kids will get a kick out of it too, for sure.

8. Dreaming of a White…

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Dreaming of a white Christmas is something all of us did. Kids couldn’t wait to get a snow day, to build a snowman, and see who will be the master at snowball fighting, while grown-ups could cozy up at home for some winter relaxation. But if we’re being really honest, we all want different things for Christmas, and this is one fun way to show juts what we’re dreaming of for Christmas.

9. Social Media Caroling

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From boomers to z-gens, we are all in a way becoming e-addicts, be it on social media or other internet platforms. Instead of showing your friends and relatives how picture-perfect your family is, especially when you have tweens or teens, stay true to yourself and have a laugh at your expense, showing them just how your family quality time really looks for the holidays, whit a holiday card like this one.

10. Elfs Are Keeping An Eye On Them

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The elf on a shelf should be Santa’s little spy, keeping an eye on how well behaved kids are. If your darling ones are little rugrats, maybe you should show them that even the elves have had it with them, by making this adorable and funny photoshoot for the holidays. And don’t worry, you don’t need to be a photoshop master to achieve this effect. Just take some pictures of your kids, print them, and put their cut-outs in a jar, then place the elves around the jar. It’s that simple and the end result is pure gold.

11. Ornament Family Reflection

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Here is a nice holiday card idea for those who consider themselves not very photogenic. Taking a photo of your family reflected in a Christmas ornament is a great way go around the issue of not turning up good on photos. It might take you a few tries to get the angle right so that the camera is not visible in the reflection, but is a pro-level photo that will wow your family for sure.

12. Keeping You Safe, Santa

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Like it or now, we want to stay safe for the holidays, which means you don’t have many options for an outdoor Christmas shoot if you don’t have a nice backyard. The porch can work too, and you can keep with the safe holiday theme, by taking pictures with a mask and even leave a note for Santa, to leave the presents for a pick-up. Of course, Santa won’t get the virus, but it is a fun way to teach the kids to stay safe and take care when outside.

13. Gather Under The Christmas Tree

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The Christmas tree is here the magic happens on Christmas morning, so it is only fair to say that it will be the best-decorated item in your home. Don’t leave the Christmas tree out of the family shoot, and you can even create this whimsical effect[, playing around with light and shadow. It is a very heartwarming image to send to your loved ones.

14. Family That Plays Together, Stays Together

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Before the Internet and playstations, families would gather and play card-games or board games when stuck inside on cold days. Today, the saying of “a family that plays together, stays together” still stands, only the games have changed. Embrace them and send everyone a wholesome holiday card of your family’s Christmas game night.

15. We (Don’t) Expect You For The Holidays

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Like it or not, we do live in a time of a pandemic, even if many people still deny its existence. And it appears the more you tell these people that you want to stay safe and keep them safe as well, they still don’t get it. So, while the holidays are times of gathering, this year send the message that as much as you love all your relatives, you’d rather not gather, so you can remain happy and healthy for many other holidays to come.

16. Holiday Garland In Winter Backdrop

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As we already mentioned, sometimes simple is the best. So if you happen to be blessed with some snow days before the holidays, grab a cheerful, simple “happy holiday” garland, take your family outside, and do a simple picture of greeting to send to everyone you care about.

That’s all the ideas we have for now. They might not be what we wanted, but as this entire year has been, it’s what we got and it is something we have to try and make the most of it. What are your ideas for a cheerful Christmas card for your family? Write us your ideas in the comments and have a safe and merry Christmas.

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