What to Consider When Making Vacation Plans to Visit Ireland

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Ireland is an island of many contrasts as far as its landscape is concerned. It offers us a glimpse of its steep cliffs on its western coast which turn to powder-soft sandy beaches on its eastern coast. It’s a country rich in culture and history where locals still jealously guard and practice their age-old traditions. Dublin, its capital, is known worldwide as the home of Guinness beer and the city that gave us great writers like Oscar Wilde. But to enjoy Ireland, it is best to start your trip in Cork as you move around and finally finish your trip in Dublin.

Cork is Ireland’s second-largest city. It is also Ireland’s foodies capital, home to thought-provoking museums, and wild nightlife scenes you will be left begging for more. To move around you will need a car. This is a crucial aspect you cannot miss as you plan your trip. There are several van rental Cork you can check out, compare, and get yourself the best deal at a cheaper price. There are Cork airport van rentals as well as van rentals outside the airport the choice will depend on preference as well as which location you will find most convenient for you. Let’s further dive deeper and look into other things you should consider as you plan to visit Ireland.

Trip Duration

Your trip duration will directly affect many factors including your accommodation bookings, rental car booking, and even flight bookings. This will also affect your itinerary and the number of places you can visit. A two-day trip will limit you in many ways as compared to a trip lasting a whole week. As you plan to visit Ireland keep in mind the length of your trip duration as it will affect the number of places and even activities you can take part in during your trip.

Time of the Year

The time of the year for your visit will also affect several things including clothing to bring along. If you are visiting during summer there are activities you can enjoy and others that you won’t be able to take part in, which is the same case if you’re scheduling your visit to be in winter.


Are you traveling on a tight budget or an open budget? A tight budget will see you avoid activities that you will spend more than you can. It may also affect your choice of accommodation where you might opt for cheaper options. An open budget on the other hand will give you the latitude to explore to the fullest without financial limitations.

Visa and Entry Requirements

Your Visa or Ireland’s entry requirements will be determined by your passport and your country of origin. Some countries don’t require their citizens to have a Visa to gain entry to Ireland and some will require it. Make sure you confirm Ireland’s visa or entry requirements for citizens from your country.

Must Visit Places When you Visit Ireland

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There are many attractions in Ireland that you should not miss during your trip. Below are a few of them:

  • Cliffs of Moher;
  • Grafton Street, Dublin;
  • Killarney National Park;
  • Trinity College;
  • Kilmainham Gaol;
  • The Ring of Kerry;
  • Glendalough, Co. Wicklow;
  • The Rock of Cashel;
  • Blarney Castle;
  • The English Market.


Visiting Ireland will require you to make plans and put in mind several considerations some of which have been discussed above. Among the major considerations will be your means of movement around Ireland. We can all agree that a car is the best. Going by our idea of starting the trip around Ireland in Cork, you will have to get one here. There are several companies offering vans for rent in Cork including van rentals at Cork airport. Get one that best suits you and enjoy this trip that always guarantees you a fun filled adventure.