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J. Flowers Health Institute – At the J. Flowers Health Institute, diagnostic evaluations and programs are available for elusive problems such as chronic pain or mental health.

Rockland Recovery – Rockland Recovery aims to assist men and women in overcoming substance abuse through its 12-step program, structure accountability, and peer support. The program operates with a philosophy of treating clients with respect and providing support at every stage of the recovery journey. The ultimate objective is to empower individuals to regain control over their lives.

Advaita Integrated Wellness – Our services include Psychiatry, IOP, and more in Raleigh. Schedule a free consultation today.

Immortal Male – Immortal Male offers a lifestyle improvement solution for men, helping them regain confidence and embrace boldness. Unlike standard testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) subscriptions, it provides a confidential and convenient healthcare experience from the comfort of home. The fast and secure delivery of TRT medication enables men to access quality care as per their schedule. By being a members-only community, Immortal Male tackles the problem of accessibility and ensures that men receive essential healthcare support without any inconvenience.

TopRehabs – At TopRehabs, we aim to make finding the perfect addiction treatment effortless. You can trust us to match you with the best treatment program that meets your unique needs.

Boardwalk Recovery Center is a luxury, boutique-style treatment center located in San Diego, California. They offer evidence-based, holistic treatment for substance use, mood, personality, and trauma-related disorders. Their program is 30-60 days long and uses a 3-phased approach to recovery. Boardwalk Recovery’s therapeutic approach is based on evidence-based practices and holistic alternatives, including CBT, DBT, psychodynamic therapy, solution-focused therapy, seeking safety for PTSD, mindfulness practices, breathwork, and meditation. They provide outpatient services for adult men and women, with morning and afternoon IOP sessions available for participants who are enrolled in school or employed. Boardwalk Recovery Center is accredited by the Joint Commission and accepts insurance.

Addiction Treatment Marketing -The digital marketing agency focuses on enhancing the admissions team’s qualified phone calls by enhancing website traffic and fostering brand trust. They do this by using content marketing to drive rapid growth in website traffic, which has become the leading source of admissions and revenue for the treatment centers they partner with. In addition, the agency provides treatment center branding and design services to clearly convey the center’s identity to its audience and reinforce trust and relevance through targeted messaging.

Vista Taos – Renewal Center is a nationally accredited residential drug & alcohol addiction treatment center located in Taos, New Mexico. They provide evidence-based, holistic treatment to help individuals overcome addiction and heal any damage it has caused. Their treatment programs are CARF accredited and include Primary Care and Extended Care Recovery Programs. Vista Taos has been providing compassionate care for their patients since 1994 and their dedicated staff of professionals is certified or licensed in their specialties. They are a small, family-owned treatment center that offers a clear path to recovery through a comprehensive approach that includes medical, psychological, and complementary therapies.

InstantVOB is a software that provides instant verification of benefits for drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers. It streamlines the admissions process by reducing VOB verification times and increasing admissions. The website offers a solution to one of the biggest challenges that rehab owners face – navigating insurance payments. By providing accurate medical billing information, it helps rehab centers avoid losing admissions. The website emphasizes the importance of eliminating guesswork and making informed decisions. InstantVOB offers a tool that rehab owners can use to save time and increase their chances of success.

Profound Treatment – Profound, located in Los Angeles, is a addiction treatment center that utilizes evidence-based treatments and therapies proven to be effective. The team regularly assesses the newest treatment techniques from fields such as psychology, medicine, neuroscience, and alternative medicine. Each client at Profound receives a customized treatment plan based on their individual needs, as the center understands that every person is unique. This approach guarantees that each client receives a tailored treatment plan.

Rise Above Treatment – Situated in the heart of Murrieta, California, Rise Above emerges as a leading residential drug rehabilitation center, celebrated for its innovative treatment techniques and a seasoned cadre of professionals. With a wealth of experience under our belt, our dedication is to craft transformative paths to recovery in an environment ideal for healing. At Rise Above, we extend beyond helping achieve sobriety; our commitment lies in steering individuals through their enduring recovery journey.

Mile High Recovery Center – Beginning as a singular sober house in Denver in 2016, Mile High Recovery Center has swiftly expanded to include nine residences and a dedicated treatment center for recovery. Our commitment lies in aiding our clients to create a resilient foundation for long-term recovery, through custom-made, thoughtful, and supportive treatment programs. Our comprehensive rehab schemes, fashioned for each client’s unique needs, together with our ongoing care services, provide the perfect base for cultivating understanding, resilience, and the essential tools for maintaining holistic health.

True Life Care – True Life Care stands as a committed wellness center for mental health, pledged to provide empathetic, unbiased, and inclusive treatment. Acknowledging the initial difficulty in seeking assistance, we ensure a welcoming environment and a kind approach from the very first interaction. Our integrated care model combines residential primary care with outpatient services, tailoring treatment plans to meet your unique needs and symptoms. We acknowledge the intertwined nature of emotional, behavioral, and cognitive factors, concentrating on identifying and addressing the root cause, thereby ensuring effective treatment for deteriorating mental health and substance use disorders.

Ethos Wellness – Established in 2018, Ethos Wellness has been dedicated to broadening the reach of mental health services through compact, strategically located healing centers. Co-founders Robert Hilliker and Will Davis initially offered centrally located offices for therapists, quickly recognizing the immense potential for collaboration among diverse specializations under one roof. The inaugural center, Ethos Wellness – Lovett, has grown to become the largest group of specialized therapists in Houston, marking a spot on the Houston Business Journal’s Fast 100.

Choice House Colorado – Set amidst the vibrant and beautiful Boulder County, Colorado, Choice House provides a nurturing and supportive setting for individuals seeking recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Our facilities, encompassing a 90-day treatment campus and sober living homes, are situated near shopping hubs, businesses, and peaceful natural landscapes in the Rocky Mountain foothills. This unique mix of urban and natural surroundings aids individuals in reconnecting with themselves on their path back to a fulfilling and healthy life.