Top Destinations for Visiting Québec Off the Beaten Path

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Located in the eastern part of Canada, Québec has a blend of culture and history and incredible amount of natural landscapes. The weather gets a bit more extreme than the western coast of Canada so winter calls for proper winter weather preparation, but during the warm months of June-August especially this place is unlike no other.

Here are some of the top destinations to visit while in Québec:

Gaspésie Peninsula

If you love nature and want to be out in the raw beauty of Montreal, Gaspésie Peninsula is a place to go. Here you’ll find four national parks, a UNESCO World Heritage site, incredible wildlife, Chaleur Bay, and so much more. Montreal offers both mountain and sea landscapes, and if you want to be in a place that offers both this peninsula is where you want to go.

Mont Mégantic National Park

Conservation area, Mont Mégantic National Park, is home to the well-known Observatory, wildlife, and hiking trails. If you particularly love astronomy, this destination is a must as you can take in the astronomical beauty from views of eastern Canada.

The Ice Hotel

The Hotel de Glace (Ice Hotel) is an experience to have and conveniently located just off of downtown Québec City. It is a full immersion experience into what life inside a place made of ice, being in rooms and apces made up completely of ice.

The Robert-Bourassa development

The Robert-Bourassa development is the 10th biggest dam in the world and one of the largest construction sites in the world. It is also a gorgeous site to see, whether from a long view or from above. To get a view from above, you can also visit the site by helicopter where you can really take it all in. If you’ve ever wondered ‘what is the biggest dam in the world’, this one comes close!

Iles de la Madeleine

Particularly in the warmer weather, the beaches and the sand dunes of the Iles de la Madeleine are sites to see. Connected by 12 islands, this is where to go in late summer, especially to enjoy time on the water, bird watching, and to relax along the beautiful coast.

Chutes Montmorency

If you love to visit waterfalls and want a spot to go to that feels adventurous and gets you out into nature, Chutes Montmorency is the place to go. Higher than Niagara Falls, the rushing water and scenery of the surrounding landscape connects you to nature and takes you out of the Montreal City energy. If you want to go to the top of the falls, you can also catch a cable car to get a view from above.

Hudson Bay

To go a bit more into remote Canadian territory, make your way out to Hudson Bay. Hudson Bay stretches into the Arctic Circle and draws in unique vegetation and animals such as Beluga whales and polar bears. While there is a lot of wildlife and nature you can see all throughout Canada, Hudson Bay gives you the extra step of feeling a bit more removed and connected to nature.

Québec is a perfect place to travel that is off the beaten path and a wonderful place to be for people who love nature. While you can venture into the city when you want to, you can also really connect to nature here and get a whole experience all within one region.