17 Must-Try Tips For Going To The Beach With Kids

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Ah, summer! Say what you will, but it’s without doubt the most wonderful time of the year. Sorry, Christmas lovers. Don’t you just love it when you are getting busy looking for last year’s unfinished sunscreen, dusting off the beach bags and getting the beach towels out of the mothballs?

Yes, going to the beach is amazing. Despite that, you get used to it after a while and find yourself laying for quite a long time, engulfed in boredom, thinking of things to do when you’re already at a great place (mentally and physically), all while the kids are itching for some activity. To help you overcome that good trouble, here are some tips.

1. DIY Rolling Beach Basket

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When the whole family is going to catch some sun, the good old beach bag easily becomes full to the brim. Therefore, make things easier for you by putting some wheels on a basket that will fit all your stuff and thus turn into something more portable.

2. DIY Easy Beach Tent

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Sun umbrellas may be a great thing to keep you safe from the scorching sun, but they can be quite tricky to plant. You might then go for a more compact and versatile option by making your own beach tent. Just a little patience will spare you a great deal of trouble in the long run.

3. Homemade Sandcastle Kit

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Yes, kids love making sandcastles. It doesn’t take a genius to figure that out. However, they get around easier if they have the appropriate equipment for it, especially if it isn’t store-bought. The little fortresses that spurt out will be fully made by your family.

4. Necessities Kit

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When you start looking for and sorting all the lotions and powders you need for the beach, you easily get lost in the process. And you invariably end up forgetting at least one item every time. Avert this by having your own necessities kit that holds everything you need packed together.

5. DIY Waterproof Temporary Safety Tatoo

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Safety is always important, especially if kids have a vast free space to run around, and one that’s usually full of people. All it takes is one simple trick for your little darling to have a waterproof safety tattoo that will fade with time. Get ready to do some writing.

6. Summer Snacks In Jewelry Box

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Are your kids the type that’s constantly looking for something to gobble on? Then we bet you also bring your fair share of snack food when visiting the sands. Yet, this too can easily scatter and become disorganized, but wouldn’t you know it, there is an easy fix to it.

7. Fitted Sheet For Keeping Sand Off

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Don’t you just hate it when you get sand on your towels? Well, keep the hate at bay, because there is a solution for that as well. A fitted sheet will act as a natural shield between the usable surface and the sand, so long as you don’t mind hopping over the barrier.

8. Frozen Sponges As Cooling Packs


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Whenever you go out when the weather is hot, cooling your drinks is going to be a challenge. And if you don’t have any cooling packs, it’s fairly simple to make ones out of frozen sponges. Before you know it, you’ll be using this hack all the time!

9. Removing Sand With Baby Powder Filled Sock

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We already mentioned that although sand is soft to step on, it gets everywhere and is usually quite a nuisance. Yet, it turns out that an old sock filled with baby powder is a good remedy for that. Just be sure to use a sock that isn’t too smooth.

10. DIY Beach Towel Poncho

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Are your kids somewhat reckless with beach towels? Of course they are, they’re kids. They’re reckless with everything. A good idea for them to stop losing beach towels when they’re not in the water is by putting a hole in the towel and then popping it over the child’s head. Problem solved.

11. Aloe Vera Ice Cubes

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When the sun is smoldering the sand and burning everything, you wish you had something to soothe it all in good time. In that case, what you need is some aloe vera packed as ice cubes, to keep you cool and serve as a salve at the same time. Take that, sunburn!

12. Smartest Beach Toy Storage

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One of the many things you’re suddenly required to take to the beach with kids are toys. So many toys. They’re easily displaced, and even easier to get dirty in a way that spreads to everything. That’s why you should keep them neat and tidy with a mesh bag.

13. Capri Sun Slushie

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Refreshments are always a good idea in the heat of the sun. Yet those available at beaches tend to be ludicrously expensive, not to mention how messy kids get with drinks. So, here’s a solution to both problems. Get yourself some frozen and crushed Capri Sun and enjoy!

14. DIY Sponge Necklace For Cooling Off

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Another way to keep the little ones refreshed at all times is to make them a necklace out of carved up sponge pieces that will absorb and retain the water, which will also keep them cool when playing in the sun. And they look great on any kid.

15. DIY Beach Towel With Pockets

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What if we told you that beach towels could have pockets? And that you don’t have to run around stores looking for such towels. It is by far the most convenient and efficient hack for keeping your stuff concealed from prying eyes without their being in more expected places.

16. Shower Curtain For Beach Kiddie Pool

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When you want to keep your toddler nearby, and at the same time refreshed and protected from the sun, it’d probably be best if you conjure up a mini-swimming pool to achieve all that. You don’t think it’s possible? Well, prepare to be proven wrong.

17. Baby Hole For The Cutest Beach Baby Naps

diy beach dig up baby hole in sand kellyskornerblog
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Another good use of these quick holes in the sand is that one can easily be turned into an impromptu crib that will both shield, cradle, and corral your dearest. And since it’s in the sand, you don’t have to worry about anything that will disturb their sleep.

And that’s all, folks! We hope you found many useful tips on this list and that you’re now ready to head down to beach. As far as we’re concerned, aloe vera is a must. Which ones do you find best? Is there anything you would like to add? Tell us your opinion in the comments.

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