Inside Tiffani Faison’s Diet And Exercise Routine: The Secrets Behind Her Weight Loss

Tiffani Faison

Tiffani Faison is an American celebrity chef and restaurateur. Faison became famous thanks to the TV show Chopped, airing on the Food Network. The famous television personality served as a judge on the show. But she got her star on the reality show Top Chef, airing on Bravo TV. She came in second place. Today, however, we will talk about a different topic. And that is Tiffani Faison’s weight loss journey.

Nowadays, Faison is the head chef of her restaurant Sweet Cheeks Q in Massachusetts. She was born in Germany to American parents.

Tiffani is a four-time finalist in the James Beard Awards for Best Chef.

Get To Know Tiffani

How much do you know about the celebrated American chef? Nowadays, she is famous for her creative approach to cooking and entrepreneurial spirit. Born in August 1977 in Germany, she grew up in Santa Rosa, California. As we said before, she was born in Germany, but to American parents. Eventually, they came back to the US.

As a young child, she developed an early love for food and cooking. That prompted Tiffani to begin her studies in culinary arts. After working in several restaurants in San Francisco, including Rubicon and The Dining Room, she began her television career.

Tiffani competed in the first season of Bravo’s hit reality TV show, Top Chef. Tiffani finished second, behind Harold Dieterle III. After winning the show, Harold owned and ran three restaurants in New York City, Kin Shop, The Marrow, and Perilla. But Tiffani had success as well.

Celebrity Chef Tiffani Faison opened her first restaurant, Rocca Kitchen and Bar in Boston, Massachusetts, after gaining popularity in the TV show Top Chef. Her restaurant became a popular destination for foodies. There, she served modern Italian cuisine with a twist and her inventive dishes earned her critical acclaim. It was in Rocca that she developed her signature Faison’s M&M’s, which is marrow and meatballs.

In 2010, she opened her second restaurant which she operates to this day. Sweet Cheeks Q, also in Boston, specializes in authentic Southern-style barbecue. It quickly became a local favorite. Fans recognize this restaurant for its amazing brisket, ribs, and pulled pork.

In 2015, Tiffani relocated to New York City, where she opened her third restaurant, Tiger Mama. This time, she showcased her love and passion for Southeast Asian cuisine. In Tiger Mama, Tiffani serves dishes like green curry, pad thai, and grilled pork belly.

Throughout her career, Tiffani has won several accolades, including Best Chef in Boston by Boston Magazine.

Speaking of her personal life, she is married to Kelly Walsh. The couple has two children together and Tiffani is a vocal advocate for LGBTQ+ rights.

Fans praise her innovative cuisine, helping Tiffani establish herself as one of the most talented chefs in the US.

Tiffani Faison - Chef

How She Gained Weight?

It is not uncommon for chefs to gain weight. After all, if you look at famous chefs in the world, many of them have some extra weight. Tiffani had a hectic schedule, resulting in a chubby body. And like many chefs, her culinary work didn’t leave time for much more.

During the daytime, she couldn’t maintain a healthy diet and eating habits. There were times of the day she starved for hours continuously. It would keep her up at night, and Faison got into the habit of binge eating.

And then, as a New Year’s resolution, she decided to lose weight. As a celebrity chef, she was constantly in front of the camera and didn’t have time to take a break. So, she gained weight.

After a while, however, fans began to notice she was looking slimmer than before. When Tiffani Faison’s weight loss journey became apparent, fans began asking how she did it.

If you notice her before and after photos, you can easily see the difference in weight loss. During her body transformation, Faison lost between 15 and 20 lbs. She is now at 150 lbs, which is a healthy weight for her. And the American chef is trying hard to maintain that weight.

How she lost weight?

When people noticed the difference, the first thing they began asking is how she managed to shed pounds. Tiffani now serves as a role model and inspiration for everyone trying to stay fit and healthy while maintaining a work-life balance.

Tiffani has said that her secret is a strict following of a particular diet and food habits. Then, the second part is consistency in her workout routine.

Tiffani Faison after weight lost

Did she have weight loss surgery?

When celebrities lose weight, fans often point to weight loss surgery. But that was not the case with Tiffani. When fans noticed she looks thinner, conspiracy theories arose. The rumor was spread fast, but there was no truth in it.

Instead, it was all dedication and effort. Many people have New Year’s resolutions, but Tiffani dedicated her time to making them real.

She is healthy and fit despite the quick weight loss. It didn’t come as a result of a crash diet or anything like that. The famous chef has always been a fan of a balanced diet.

Tiffani Faison’s weight loss diet consisted of low-carb, high-protein foods, customized by dietitians and according to her daily activity level.

Tiffani applied her diet to her schedule, preventing imbalance and hypoglycemia. She gets most of her calories from whole-natural foods including wheat, barley, meat, vegetables, fruits, and mushrooms.

Tiffani Faison Weight Loss Workout

Even with a balanced diet, you cannot lose weight unless you add a workout routine. Exercise helps you burn fat and calories. And the simple math for weight loss is more burned calories than consumed calories.

Tiffani joined the renowned fitness instructor John Sarsfield, an elite personal trainer. With him, she works out 3 to 5 days per week. She also joined Tier X exclusive training plan, a worldwide program that helps people remain fit. The Tier X training program promotes a holistic method to health and fitness.

At the same time, she manages to make small changes to her daily life. For example, in one Instagram post, she writes, “Run, do not walk”. It seems like the American chef is running to work, burning more calories in the process.

Tiffani Faison running

How Much Weight Did She Lose?

As we said before, Tiffani managed to shed between 15 and 20 pounds. She is now at 150 lbs, serving as an ideal example of hard work, perseverance, and consistency.

Nowadays, she says she tries to remember to tighten her core. In one interview, Tiffani said that work used to be her workout, but now she has to work out to work. That attitude helped her achieve an amazing physical change.

And at the whole time, she received support from her life partner. Chef Tiffani Faison identifies herself as a lesbian, and her partner Kelly Walsh took good care of her. It allowed Faison to have the freedom she never had before. It was Kelly that provided foundation and structure in her life, allowing Tiffani to focus on other things.

Where Is She Now?

Tiffani runs a chain of restaurants in Massachusetts and New York. Her most famous restaurant is Sweet Cheeks Q in Boston, but she also has Fool’s Errand in Boston, an adult snack bar, as well as Bubble Bath inside High Street Place.

Most of the restaurants are owned by her company Big Heart Hospitality.

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