Things To Do In Waco With Kids: Exciting Family Adventures for 2023

things to do in waco with kids

Waco, Texas is a family-friendly destination with a variety of attractions and activities tailored for kids. Whether you’re a local looking for new ideas, or a visiting family exploring the city, you’ll find many exciting things to do in Waco with kids. This vibrant city in the heart of Central Texas has something to offer for every age group, from educational institutions to outdoor adventures and more.

The diverse range of attractions includes interactive museums, beautiful parks, and interesting landmarks that will keep kids engaged and entertained. Some of the top options for fun things to do in Waco with kids are exploring the Cameron Park Zoo, visiting the Mayborn Museum, and enjoying the splashy thrills at the Hawaiian Falls Water Park. These venues, amongst others, provide not only an exciting but also an educational experience for children.

In addition to the popular attractions, Waco offers a plethora of outdoor activities, such as horseback riding and walking trails, which are perfect for families who love spending time in nature. No matter your interests and preferences, Waco promises an unforgettable time for kids and parents alike, creating lasting memories and an opportunity to bond with your family.

All About Outdoor Adventures

Cameron Park Zoo

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Cameron Park Zoo is an ideal outdoor location in Waco, Texas, for family fun. At this zoo, your kids can have an engaging and educational encounter with various wildlife species from around the world. Parents and young children alike will appreciate the spacious park setting, making it an excellent place to learn about the diverse range of animals housed here.

Waco Mammoth National Monument

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Another fantastic family-friendly destination is the Waco Mammoth National Monument. Here, your family can explore the rich history of this site that contains an impressive collection of Columbian mammoth fossils. Kids will relish the chance to participate in the Junior Ranger program and even visit the mammoth dig site, further enhancing their knowledge about these prehistoric giants that once roamed Texas.

Hawaiian Falls Waco

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During those hot Texas summers, there’s no better place for a family day out than Hawaiian Falls Waco, a thrilling water park. Equipped with exciting water slides and several lazy rivers, this park caters to both young children and tweens who love to splash around. Parents can relax and watch their kids have a great time in this entertaining and refreshing environment.

River Fun

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The Brazos River runs through Waco, and it is a popular spot for various water activities. From fishing to surfing, the river provides ample opportunity for families to bond over outdoor adventures. Don’t forget to visit the Brazos River Country exhibit, which showcases the fascinating history and natural beauty of this Texas treasure.

Lake Waco

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Lake Waco is another fantastic location for parents and kids to indulge in outdoor activities. This beautiful lake offers opportunities for fishing and has stunning natural surroundings, making it ideal for family picnics. For more water-based fun, make sure to check out the nearby water park for a refreshing blend of adventure and relaxation.

Indoor Delights

Mayborn Museum Complex

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The Mayborn Museum Complex is an engaging indoor attraction for kids and families in Waco. This all-encompassing complex offers a variety of interactive exhibits that allow children to learn and explore various topics, such as natural history, science, and art. Notable exhibits include a Texas Sports Hall of Fame, where visitors can learn about Texan athletes and their achievements in various sports. The Mayborn Museum truly caters to curious minds and provides a fun and enriching experience for all ages.

Dr. Pepper Museum

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Delve into the history of America’s oldest major soft drink at the Dr. Pepper Museum. This unique attraction highlights the history and significance of soda in our culture. Kids and adults alike can explore the fascinating journey of Dr. Pepper, from its inception to its current popularity. The museum features a variety of exhibits, showcasing vintage memorabilia, and captivating stories. Don’t forget to stop by the nostalgic soda fountain for a refreshing taste of Dr. Pepper to complete your experience.

Texas Ranger Hall Of Fame And Museum

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Discover the rich history of the famed Texas Rangers at the Texas Ranger Hall Of Fame And Museum. This educational and interactive facility presents the stories of the Texas Rangers, their legendary accomplishments, and their significance in the state’s history. With numerous exhibits, artifacts, and multimedia presentations, children can gain a deep appreciation for the historical importance of these iconic law enforcement figures. This fascinating museum provides an insightful look into Texan history, making it a must-visit attraction for families exploring Waco.

The Famous Magnolia Market

Magnolia Market at the Silos in Waco, Texas, is a popular destination for visitors and locals alike. This well-known landmark was developed by HGTV’s “Fixer Upper” stars, Chip and Joanna Gaines, who have revolutionized Waco with their wide array of businesses and enterprises.

Shopping at the Silos

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At Magnolia Market, there’s no shortage of unique and captivating items to browse. Shoppers can find a blend of farmhouse finds, gardening gear, and more. Visitors can enjoy the rustic charm of the market while they explore the various shops and boutiques, all while keeping the little ones entertained.

Joanna’s famous cupcakes from the Silos Baking Co are a must-try during a shopping break. There’s also a variety of other eateries offering delicious treats, making it the perfect spot to refuel and recharge during a day of exploration.

Dine-In Trucks

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Adjacent to the shopping area, Magnolia Market features impressive food truck options, offering tasty meals for the whole family. The diverse food options make it an exciting place to dine with kids, as they’re sure to find something they’ll enjoy.

Popular food trucks offer a range of dining choices, from savory BBQ and juicy burgers to lighter options like salads and wraps. This array of food options caters to various tastes and preferences, ensuring everyone can find something to satisfy their cravings.

In conclusion, a visit to the Magnolia Market while in Waco is a delightful and memorable experience that the whole family can enjoy. With the wide variety of shopping options, beautiful atmosphere, and diverse dining options, it’s a destination that guarantees to entertain and inspire visitors of all ages.

Baylor University

Tour The Campus

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Baylor University, located in Waco, Texas, is a prominent institution with a rich culture and numerous landmarks. To fully immerse oneself in the educational environment, taking a campus tour is highly recommended. During the tour, visitors can explore the impressive Moody Library, where students frequently engage in research and find a refreshing reprieve from their daily routines at the Starbucks nestled in its lobby. As you wander around the campus, you will appreciate the university’s popularity and well-maintained infrastructure, which constantly receives positive reviews and high ratings from both students and visitors alike.

Baylor Bears Sports Events

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Another exciting way to experience Baylor University with kids is by attending Baylor Bears sports events. The university’s athletic department boasts over 15 programs, offering a wide variety of sports to watch and enjoy. From football to basketball, the energy and spirit encapsulated in these events introduces children to the world of collegiate sports in Texas.

Some key points of interest during Baylor Bears events include:

  • Stadiums: Various stadiums and arenas throughout the campus host different sporting events, showcasing thrilling games and competitions to passionate fans.
  • Tailgating: Participating in pre-game tailgating is an excellent way to socialize, eat, and immerse yourself in the university’s traditions.
  • Meet the Mascot: Don’t forget to snap a photo with one of Baylor’s beloved mascots to create a lasting memory of your time on campus.

In summary, a visit to Baylor University in Waco, Texas, with children provides a unique and engaging experience, allowing families to explore the campus’s rich educational potential and partake in the excitement of Baylor Bears sports events.

Tips and Tricks for a Memorable Visit

Accessibility Information

When planning a trip to Waco, Texas, with kids, it’s essential to consider accessibility. Many of the popular attractions in Waco are wheelchair and stroller-friendly, making it easy for parents with young children to navigate. Additionally, most of the parks and museums offer ample parking close to the entrances. It is recommended to visit the attractions’ websites or call ahead to confirm accessibility options before finalizing your itinerary.

Important Landmarks

Waco is home to several landmarks that families should consider adding to their trip plans. One of the most iconic is the Waco Suspension Bridge, a historically significant structure that offers a pleasant walk across the Brazos River. Surrounding the bridge are beautiful parks and pathways, perfect for picnics and outdoor play.

Another point of interest is the collection of statues and sculptures throughout Waco. Some popular ones include the Branding the Brazos Sculpture in Indian Spring Park and the larger-than-life Texas Ranger statue located near the Texas Ranger Museum. These impressive artworks offer excellent opportunities for family photos and a chance to learn more about the local history.

Special Events

Waco hosts various special events throughout the year, providing excellent entertainment options for families. Check the city’s events calendar to see if any festivals, concerts, or community gatherings coincide with your visit. These events often include exciting activities for children, such as petting zoos, bounce houses, and face painting. Keep in mind that some events may require advanced ticket purchases or have specific age recommendations, so plan accordingly.

By considering accessibility, visiting important landmarks, and attending special events, you will create a memorable and enjoyable experience for the entire family during your visit to Waco, Texas.

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