From Insecurity To Empowerment: SZA’s Inspiring Story Of Weight Gain And Self-Love

SZA weight gain

In February 2023, SZA tweeted, “LMAO that sober weight gain is a bitch. Tho I am on it! One task at a time”. The American singer has been struggling with weight for almost her entire life. And recently, fans have noticed a change in her body. Today, we will talk all about SZA’s weight gain, and why it happened.

Get To Know SZA

Born Solána Imani Rowe in November 1989 in St. Louis, Missouri, SZA is an American singer and songwriter. She is of African-American and Muslim descent. SZA grew up in a Christian household and was raised alongside her two older brothers.

You can say her career in the entertainment business was determined early in her childhood. Her father worked as an executive producer at CNN, which gave her ties to the entertainment business. Her mother, on the other hand, worked in executive recruitment.

Speaking about her educational background, she attended Columbia High School in Maplewood, New Jersey. There, she began as an athlete and played sports like soccer and gymnastics.

Following her high school graduation, Solána Imani Rowe enrolled at Delaware State University, where she studied marine biology.

But it wasn’t meant to be. While she had an interest in becoming a scientist, music was her calling. In her second year, SZA dropped out of university to pursue a music career.

In 2011, she released her debut EP, marking her professional music career debut. The EP, titled See.SZA.Run received critical acclaim and established the Muslim singer as an emerging artist.

Two years later, she signed with Top Dawg Entertainment, a label that was promoting artists like Kendrick Lamar and ScHoolboy Q.

In 2014, SZA released her debut album titled Z, which featured collaborations with Chance the Rapper and Isaiah Rashad.

Her second album, titled Ctrl, was released in 2017. It was an instant success with hit singles like Love Galore and The Weekend. Those hit singles helped her earn some award nominations, including Best Urban Contemporary Artist at the 2018 Grammy Award ceremony.

The second album was praised for its raw and honest lyrics about love, relationships, and self-discovery. Fans love her unique sound and honest lyrics.

Over the years, Solana has collaborated with different artists. For example, she was part of What Lovers Do, a song by Maroon 5, and All the Stars with Kendrick Lamar. The latter was a song for the Black Panther soundtrack. SZA was also part of the Kiss Me More, song by Doja Cat.

Thanks to her successful music career, SZA has managed to venture into other areas. She worked as a model and actress, including modeling for Nike and Fenty Beauty. Her acting credits include small roles in Grey’s Anatomy.

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How Did The Weight Gain Rumors Begin?

SZA weight gain rumors began at the latter end of 2022 when she was a musical guest on Saturday Night Live. Instantly after her appearance on SNL, rumors about her being pregnant began swirling around. Fans went as far as saying they spotted a baby bump.

But that wasn’t the reason she gained weight. The American R&B singer rose to fame in 2017 when her Ctrl album reached Number 3 on the US Billboard 200 chart.

Her appearance on SNL as a musical guest sparked many speculations. Let’s take a look at them. Is she pregnant? Or did she get a BBL, Brazilian butt lift? We have the answers.

Is She Pregnant?

After SZA made her appearance on Saturday Night Live, there were plenty of speculations about her weight gain.

One of the rumors was that she is pregnant. Some fans went as far as saying they spotted her with a baby bump.

Speculations that the American rapper is expecting a child continued. Such rumors are always interesting. And let’s be honest, fans love to speculate and gossip about their favorite celebrities.

But little weight gain is not a reason to think someone is pregnant. While some fans refrained from the rumors, the pregnancy gossip was all around the news.

Did She Get A BBL?

Another popular rumor was the reason for her weight gain was she got a BBL or a Brazilian butt lift. But we can easily dismiss this theory. After all, SZA is bigger in her whole body, not just her behind.

And she has always been a big girl. Since she hit international fame, she was at 200 pounds. Often, the singer was hiding her weight in baggy clothes. But as she got more popular, she worked hard to lose all that weight.

Struggling with Weight For Her Entire Life

Born Solana Imani Rowe, SZA has struggled with weight for her entire life. At the beginning of her career, she weighed more than 200 pounds.

Fun fact: Growing up, her dream was to become an Olympic gymnast. After all, she did do gymnastics in high school. But once she recorded vocals for her rapper brother, her plans changed.

After getting more popular in 2017, following the release of her second album, SZA decided to tackle the issue.

She committed herself to a plant-based diet. In one interview, she confessed that she enjoys wearing baggy clothing.

She said, “I’ve consistently been dressing in baggy clothes because I was heavy. I was 200 pounds, but that’s not really public knowledge. I was a lot bigger, so wearing baggy clothes was not so much as a 90s thing, it was what was comfortable and what fit”.

But at one point, she decided to tackle her weight problem. The popular singer worked hard enough not to have to wear baggy clothes.

In one interview, she said, “When I lost weight I didn’t want to wear baggy clothes anymore. I worked really hard not to have to wear baggy clothes. And now I just feel like it’s how I’m generally comfortable. Instead of doing just what was available, I can wear what I want, and that’s a blessing”.

She did it by eating healthy foods, sticking to a plant-based diet, avoiding sugar, and avoiding wheat.

As for her workout routine, she said, “I hit the forest, or I hit the park, or I do a lot of walks, a lot of exercises. Sitting still and meditating is a component for me, but it’s not my key component. I need to be outside amongst trees and among anything nature-based. I’ll drive really far to get there and I don’t mind”.

Thanks to her new diet and workout routine, SZA managed to get down to 150 lbs. Yet, in the past year, it seems like she is getting back to her bigger self. But she remains confident. She said, “It’s not about how they think you should be, look, feel, do, vibe, grow, or evolve. It’s about how YOU see you. How you feel you”.

The Dirty Little Secret About Weight Gain

The reason behind SZA’s weight gain is a unique one. In February 2023, she celebrated a year of being sober, a year of ditching weed.

Speaking about it, she explained that she gained weight after staying away from cannabis. But she did not regret the decision.

Talking on Twitter, the famous singer said, “Today officially makes a year + I haven’t smoked weed. Don’t miss it at all. Never thought I’d say that,” She wrote on Monday, February 13. “Lmao that sober weight gain is a b***h tho. I’m on it!! One task at a time (sic)”.

Before ditching cannabis, SZA admitted that she even got fired from a retail job for being high. Nowadays, however, she seems happy and content with her decision. And some weight gain will not make her regret it.

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