Steps to Take When You Suffer a Personal Injury on a Cruise

white cruise ship on sea during daytime

Cruising is back, and cruise lovers are going all out to make the most of this experience. With cruise ships, there is no end to the entertainment and unique experiences you can have. Known for relaxing places with delicious food, fantastic views, and luxuries of all kinds, a cruise holiday is an once-in-a-lifetime experience. It can change the way you see the world.

But what if you sustain an injury on the voyage? While you are on the cruise, remember that it is not a paradise, and anything could go wrong there. What should you do, and who is to blame? If you take the right steps, you can ensure you receive medical care on time and also increase the chances of receiving compensation if you were injured due to the action of someone else. Whether you plan to go on a cruise anytime soon or not, it helps to be aware of the steps to take if you suffer a personal injury while onboard.

Document everything

The first step is to document the injury. It is a very crucial aspect and should start right away. Even if you cannot do so, ask someone to help you with it. Take photographs of everything related to the incident and include the photographs of your injury. An expert cruise ship lawyer at iLawyerup says, “Take whatever proof you can, photos or videos, and check if there are surveillance cameras around. You might not be able to obtain the footage by yourself, but you can inform an attorney that there were cameras on the cruise where you were injured.” The attorney will then get the footage for you.

Speak to the witnesses

If there are people around who saw the incident, you need to approach them and ask for their names and contact details. It could also be other passengers on the ship or employees on the cruise who have seen what happened. You may be unable to get a full statement from them immediately, but with their contract information, you can have your attorney reach out to them for more details about the incident.

Be careful what you say

In many cases, you lose your calm due to the situation. You are injured, there are people around you, nothing is in your control, and you could end up saying and writing things you shouldn’t. Do not make this mistake as it could put the recovery of your compensation in trouble. The cruise line will try to investigate the injury and incident, and you need to document everything, but be careful about what you say. If you say something wrong, it could be used against you, and it can then become difficult to dispute it. Carefully state the facts and do not makeup anything. Be honest and state everything you know. Do not overplay or downplay the incident and your injuries.

Get medical care

The person who sustains an injury on the cruise might need medical facilities immediately. A medical diagnosis can help improve the ability to recover compensation, and it is not a good idea to ever neglect an injury. Hence, receiving medical care after the incident occurs will ensure better recovery and build a timeline between the injury and the incident. In case the injury worsens, head to the cruise’s medical facility for proper treatment. For severe injury, it is best to evacuate the cruise and head to the nearest hospital.

Do request copies of the medical records and forms. If you are evacuating, remember to collect all the documentation from the vessel. If you consult a doctor on board, keep the documents and reports with you for your legal rights.

Speak to an attorney

If you or someone you are traveling with has sustained an injury on the cruise, you need to seek legal assistance immediately. Look for an attorney who has experience handling a cruise ship injury claim and can handle the case well. They will look at the facts and work to get you the best settlement. Lastly, the purpose is to recover the compensation for your losses and it could include the medical expenses, loss of wages, and loss of earning capacity in case of a permanent disability. While there is no set amount, many factors play a crucial role in influencing the settlement amount.

You may have set out on a wonderful cruise holiday but you never know what can happen there. In case of an accident or injury, it is best to follow the above-mentioned steps and get professional help at the earliest. Remember to choose an attorney who has experience in handling similar cases and can negotiate for you. Do not sign on any documents without the advice of an attorney, and be patient throughout the process.