Goodbye Boring Hair! 23 Split Dyed Hair Ideas


Every girl’s fantasy is, at some stage in her life, to dye her hair, and we can certainly understand why. Color surrounds you. It awakens you and holds you in your life. By merely dying your hair, you will change your entire mentality. It gives us the morale boost we all need, and today, as far as the cosmos goes, we have something that can boost your confidence: SPLIT DYE.

You know just what broken dyed hair is, whether you’ve ever seen Cruella de Vil. When you break the hair right down the middle and tint each half a different color, half and half hair (or split dye) is. This can vary from delicate, natural colors to contrasting colors that are dramatic. It’s the ideal way to achieve a unique look that’s going to leave people curious about how you did it.

So, if you feel like you need a refresh, a new hairstyle is a perfect way to get started. To get inspired to see how different colors compliment each other, let’s browse through some fabulous split dyed hair ideas.

You can join the split hair trend no matter if you have long hair or short hair. And use your natural hair color for one part of it.

1. Caramel with black


If you want to step outside the comfort zone, this is the perfect neutral combination of colors for you. This hair dye channels your free spirit, without being too overstated.

2. Hot pink with baby pink


Create a look that has the best of both worlds and dazzle the world around you. These colors have an awesome and undeniable edge and the pink eyebrows tie the look together into a unique masterpiece.

3. Black with olive green


Create an awesome statement accessory with crazy colors and a modern twist. The olive green is the focal point in this split hair color and the black is a perfect balance tool that is universally flattering and super-cute.

4. Blue and pink with black


Add your hair a little comfort, stick out in a crown, and be happy! This is a very cool theory of split hair dye, one side of which is more like a world, the other side of which is dark. This look is very trendy and fascinating, much like showing two of your identities to the world.

5. Blue with green


Mixing cooled tones is a great idea with a lot of charm and personality. You will create a unique and flattering stylish statement that vividly stands out, mesmerizing everything around you. When you talk about split dyed hair ideas that look magically, this is one of the ideas.

6. Red with Black


This hair dye is anything but boring. Black hair can be a bit too dark. Well, enter this split hair color contrast. Create a totally outlandish, or should we say hellish look and show off to the world your inner babe with adventurous style.

7. Black with rainbow


This right here is a work of a true artist. In case you are in search of pure magic, search no more because after this hair dye you will have just that. No detail was spared in this one, so be bold and create this edgy look.

8. Yellow with orange


Another totally outlandish split dye idea with fiery vibes. The striking hot colors create an undeniable edge for anyone who dares to try it out. Be the girl who stands out in a crowd and be the example of a free spirit who isn’t afraid of astounding changes.

Join the split hair color trend with a bold combination.

9. Pink and purple


If you are in search of revolutionary hair trend that breaks all conventional styles, search no more. This is a very cute and feminine combination of colors and is a perfect way to achieve a unique look. You will be a unique diva that is fearless in style.

10. Violet and green


This look definitely brings Joker vibes to the table. Express yourself beyond the norm, mix these two striking colors, and shake the world around you.

11. Blue with pastel blue


In a world full of ordinary people, be a mermaid! Perfect for summer days spent on the beach, as well as edgy look during winter. This is a great idea to combine two shades of the same color when you don’t want to go over the top with different colors, but still achieve that split dye effect.

12. Teal with orange


Ultra festive look for the adventurous women who love making heads turned. The mix of warm and cold tones is truly a bold statement that is a trendy and true work of art.

13. Blue with purple


This is a one of a kind slip dye design with incredible outcomes. To show off your wild, edgy side and to enjoy the mood for a bit, this is a fun and flexible concept. Life is too short to have hair that is dull.

14. Red with hot pink


Who says that red and pink don’t go together? Well, jokes on you because this combination is to die for! The fiery hot colors are definitely the focal point in this look. It is very fun, feminine, and intricate for anyone who dares to try it out.

15. Violet with grey


Here’s another outstanding color mix that will double the beauty points. The best thing about split dye is that for any color there is, you can experiment and create a magical look that compliments everyone. Who knows, you could be encouraging other women to try your way and feel free, artsy, and lovely!

16. Grey with blue


For lovers of cool sounds, here’s another suggestion! Just imagine how fine your winter hair would look. In your frosty surroundings, you can vibrate and be in the atmosphere of snow and ice. Just make sure to crack the coldness with warm-toned lipstick.

17. Violet with hot pink


Space buns with split dyed hair, is there a need for something else? You will look like straight out of a cartoon, an anime character that spreads a little color in the everyday world.

18. Yellow with hot pink


Split hairstyle dye is your chance to never again look bland. And if it’s just about you, and you’re a waterfall of striking, vivid colors, this one’s about you. Could you imagine all the hairstyles you can do with this dye and how magical it’s going to look like?

19. Red and baby pink


Such a romantic blend of colors that will expose the fierce, sweet side within you. This hair color goes well with the bold cat-eye and red lipstick. Definitely one of our all-time favorite color combos.

20. Violet with purple


We love this pastel kind of vibes this look gives. Imagine how cute it will look during the fall season when you’ll be vibing with all those warm tones of fallen leaves and beautiful sunsets.

21. Grey with baby pink


The softest one yet! This look is so flattering and cute. It creates a girly and cute image, yet with an edgy and adventurous spirit. This hair dye is definitely a must-do.

22. Pink with green


When you let your imagination run wild, you get these results. This is absolutely one hell of a magical idea to put a little life and color on your hair. Don’t think twice about this one, you will look great and feel even greater.

23. Pastel violet with pastel pink


Create a fantasy look for yourself that is stylish and interesting. The choice of colors is very delicate, not too overstated but with an awesome and undeniable edge.

We hope you are feeling inspired to create your type of magical hairdo. If you’ve found your choice of colors, feel free to leave a comment, and good luck!

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