Spending December in Santorini – Brace Yourself for a FANTASTIC Time!

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Santorini, sunny summer days, and heart-stopping sunsets go hand-in-hand for sure. Indeed, these perfectly describe the picture most of us have of Santorini. And, there is nothing wrong with this picture except for one component in this equation. Truth be told, Santorini is not only a superb summertime destination.

Although the weather is warmer in July and August, nothing else changes in the way this beautiful Cyclades island allures and pampers visitors. In fact, wintertime Santorini is romantic, magnetic, and hypnotising enough to compensate for not being perfect for swimming and sunbathing!

Undeniably, for those wishing to see the Queen of the Cyclades in its authentic state, December is the ideal time to visit it. Here’s why!

1. The summer crowds are gone

It’s somewhat frustrating to “compete” with thousands of other people to enjoy the same thing at the same time. This means that something simple as taking a sunset photo from the Santorini caldera or Imerovigli can be quite a challenge in the high season. In December, the scenic cobbled streets are significantly less congested, leaving all landmarks ready to impress you with their unique attraction.

Without having to struggle for a spot at a cafe or restaurant overlooking the Aegean Sea, you can now savour everything from a leisure stroll through the volcanic scenery of the caldera to walking the gorgeous shore.

And, if you close your eyes for a while before heading to the next local attraction, archaeological site, or museum, you’ll be able to feel the island’s beating heart not that the summer noise and loud voices have subdued.

2. The weather is a pleasant surprise

Although December is chilly most of the year in most European countries (and not only), Santorini remains inviting. So, expect temps that range around 16oC (61oF), making the island cool at best.

Even though there is more rain than in mid-summer, there is still plenty of sunshine to make your daily endeavours pleasurable. Therefore, any outdoor activity, such as wine-tasting and visiting the imposing whitewashed Cycladic churches with the blue domes or the Hot Springs, is hugely gratifying weather-wise, to say the least. And, if you feel like it, you could even walk the challenging eight-mile Fira-Oia hike and soak up mind-blowing views along the way.

3. There are lots of Christmas events to join

Christmas time in Santorini will feel like a fairy tale for you and your loved one, especially if you visit the island with the children. A “Christmas village” opens its doors in early December, welcoming the little ones (and adults!) to numerous rides, carousels, and many more. And, all that, in a fascinating Christmas-y atmosphere, with plenty of light, music, and liveliness!

That aside, there are many Christmas and New Year’s Eve customs and traditions honoured by Santorians. This includes musical events with traditional dances and local musicians playing bagpipes, violins, and other traditional musical instruments. Also, firework displays and an amazing plethora of delicious Christmas delicacies, such as kourambiedes, diples, and melomakarona (we’ll let these be an upcoming explosion of tastes in your mouth without revealing what to expect!).

4. Everything is less expensive

Being in the shoulder months, Santorini is much more cost-effective than in the high season. Without taking away any of the high-season luxury and high-end services and facilities, 5* hotels like Kivotos Hotels Santorini offer exceptional accommodation minus the July price tag.

Other than that, dining, entertainment, and all other options on the island are much more affordable. This makes Santorini a great destination to spend Christmas with the family or groups of friends!

Not convinced yet? Don’t take our word for it. Plan a quick escapade at Santorini in December now, and thank us later!