Sightseeing With Kids: How to Have a Fun and Memorable Time

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When you are traveling anywhere new with kids, you can feel anxious. The build-up to the event can leave you full of anticipation, and sometimes fear too. You want to show your kids a fun time, and you want their trips to be magical and memorable, but how can you ensure that this happens? How can you make sightseeing successful for you and your kids too?

Always Plan

Leaving things until the last minute with kids is a big no-no. If they know what they are doing and where they are going, it will build anticipation for them. Planning and even booking ahead will also help you guarantee you can see the sights and attractions that you want. For example, if you are in Washington and you want to take in the fantastic views, you will need to arrange and pre-book space needle tickets, as this popular tourist attraction gets busy both in and out of the tourist season. When you plan you can be sure that you see what you want, and do what you want, and this guarantees fun and enjoyment for everyone.

Don’t Try to Squash Too Much into a Day

You may want to pack as much as possible into your sightseeing adventures with your kids, however, this is not always recommended. Kids can get bored quickly, and they can become tired and restless if they are trying to do too much. To make sure that the sights and attractions are both fun and memorable, you need to space out the day. Schedule regular breaks and free time, and don’t make everything too rigorous.

Get Kids Involved with the Planning

To have fun with your kids you need to get them involved. Don’t just give them an itinerary of where they are going and when. Instead, get them to actively pick where they want to go and why. When you give your kids this responsibility, it makes them feel involved and gives them a sense of ownership. You could get them to choose a place randomly, or if they are a bit older, you could get them to start a debate. When they are heavily involved, they will want to do their best to make the day great for everyone, and this will help you create positive memories.

Don’t Get Stressed

Whether you are looking at sightseeing locally, or on the other side of the country, you will find that stress can inevitably creep in. Stopping yourself from getting stressed, and keeping stress levels low is important. If stress creeps in, it can ruin the memories that you share and make. To stop yourself from getting stressed, try not to think about how perfect the day or trip will be. Instead, take it a little bit at a time, or step by step. If you focus on perfection too much, then you will find you are setting unrealistic standards that are hard to keep, and certainly hard to attain, no matter how old your kids are.