In the Limelight: The Shannon Sisters’ Journey of Weight Gain and Personal Growth

Shannon Sisters

Kristina Shannon and Karissa Shannon, better known as The Shannon Sisters, are twin sisters who became famous overnight. They got famous the moment they entered The Playboy Mansion. Sometimes called the Shannons, they were two of Hugh Hefner’s three new girlfriends who moved into the mansion in 2008. Recently, though, the bigger topic is Shannon Sisters’ weight gain. They have changed a lot.

And today, we will try to uncover the story behind the weight gain of the Shannon twins. As a result of their relationship with Hugh, they appeared on the reality series The Girls Next Door.

Karissa Shannon in one interview claimed that their friendship with Hugh was more for entertainment and the chance to appear on the show than for romantic reasons.

And recently, the two sisters found out more about the downsides of being a celebrity. Yes, it has some perks. But you are also in the public’s eye all the time. They felt the pressure of the public image.

Get To Know The Shannon Twins

Born in October 1989 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the Shannon twins are American Playboy Playmates. They were raised in Clearwater Beach, Florida, and attended Largo High School.

There is little to no information about their life before moving to the Playboy Mansion. They moved there as part of the three new girlfriends in 2008. Instantly after they moved into the mansion, the Shannons became popular.

The first episode of The Girls Next Door they appeared in drew 2.4 million views, making it the most-watched season debut ever.

Despite their “girlfriend status”, Karissa has said that the relationship was more about an opportunity to be on the show, not romance.

They appeared as Miss July and Miss August 2009 in the combined summer issue of Playboy magazine. At the time the double issue was necessitated by financial problems.

Unlike previous centerfold twins, they managed to earn two consecutive months as Playmates but shared a single centerfold.

By January 2010, they moved out of the mansion. And just like that, their popularity disappeared. Years later, though, people are asking again about the twins. The Shannon Sisters’ weight gain story gained traction.

After they left the mansion, they continued to appear in Girls Next Door. They also had small roles in Somewhere, a film directed by Sofia Coppola.

In 2010, Karissa Shannon attracted some publicity by confirming she had been involved in sex tapes with Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag. One of the tapes, with her and her boyfriend actor Sam Jones III, was released on DVD by Vivid Entertainment in October 2010.

In 2011, Karissa and Sam released the song Juice and Vodka, which is still available on iTunes.

In January 2012, they participated in the UK reality show, Celebrity Big Brother. They finished fifth and then appeared in the companion series, Big Brother’s Bit on the Side.

In February 2019, Brazzers released a scene with the Shannons.

Shannon Sisters slim and fit
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The Reason For Their Weight Gain

One way or another, the Shannon twins found their way into the spotlight. They continue to make headlines for different news years after their Playboy issue. They have been part of several controversies as well.

This time, however, they made headlines for their sudden weight gain. It is evident when you look at their pictures.

And they have even released a press statement. In the statement, they say that the reason behind their weight gain is post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD. They were diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder after their time in the Playboy Mansion.

Doctors will be the first to tell you that PTSD can have a huge impact on one’s body weight and body mass index. The twins openly stated that their time with Hef in the Playboy mansion had a serious effect on their mental health.

The twins sent their first Playboy submission when they were just 17 years old. One year later, they moved into the Mansion at 18 years old and were the girlfriends of Hef.

The Shannon twins lived almost three years in the mansion, and during their time there, they appeared as Playmates of the Month. They were the July 2009 and August 2009 Playmates of the Month.

Following the death of Hugh Hefner, the Shannon twins decided to talk about their life at the mansion. They said that the three years there they felt like they were caged. The twins, as with many other bunnies, were advised by Hef on what to wear, what to eat, and even how to behave and they were never free to do anything according to their will.

The stress and hardships that they went through at the mansion were horrific. In one interview, they mentioned that Hef instructed them to accompany him to bed and that he wanted them both to be with him together.

At one point, they contemplated suicide, as the situations in the mansion were tough for the twins. Karissa speculated she got pregnant at one point in time, and had to undergo an abortion. That report was never confirmed though.

Shannon Sisters before and after gained weight
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Going Under The Knife

In 2015, the Shannon twins contacted Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow to help them recover from botched surgery on their breasts and noses. Following the surgery, they no longer resembled each other, unlike their time on the show.

As a result of being teased about their small boobs and noses, they got under the knife and got plastic surgery.

When their breast and nose surgeries didn’t go as planned, the siblings ended up on Botched. They continue to share obscene images on their social media accounts, despite the backlash they have gotten from some Playboy followers.

In one Instagram Post, Karissa wrote, “I know right. We used to live in our bikinis when we were younger”.

Despite saying they no longer want to show off their bodies in public, the Shannon twins continue to post pictures on social media.

Still Making Headlines

It has been more than 15 years since they first made headlines. But the Shannon twins continue to find their way into the media. Speaking about their experience at the Playboy mansion, they claim they received an unending supply of medications and booze.

In one interview, they said, “Hef is gone now. He’s dead but we still have PTSD and gained weight from dealing with our trauma. We never did anything incestuous, but he made us both have s*x with him at the same time all together. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t be allowed to stay. He didn’t put that pressure on us until after the first six months we were there”.

Many years ago, they were appreciated for their slender figures and distinct features. Their beautiful looks were the major reason they made it into the Playboy Mansion. But now, the sisters who were known for their good looks, have changed in appearance and their weight.

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