Preparing for a European motorhome adventure

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The great thing about owning a motorhome is that your adventures are not just restricted to the UK and just over the channel there are many countries and places to explore. The roads in Europe are fantastic and the tourist industry is booming with plenty to offer in the way of touring campsites.

Catering for many visitors especially during summer season, facilities on offer are exceptional with many offering restaurants, cafes, swimming pools.

If you are nervous about travelling abroad and how to prepare, we have compiled a few tips for you below.

Gas and electric hook ups

This is an essential one to prepare for. Many sites across Europe do use the conventional 3 pin plug but there are areas where they use a local plug. If you are planning on setting out your stops before you leave it is advisable to contact the sites to check which electric hook up they use so you can purchase an adapter before you leave. Lots of sites use meters for electric usage so don’t be surprised if this is shown on your bill.

Campingaz and LPG tend to be used in Europe so if you take your own – for instance Calor – be aware you would not be able to exchange an empty bottle on the continent. So your options are to take what you need for your trip or use local gas

Driving a motorhome in Europe

When you arrive in Europe and before setting off, remember to drive on the right hand side of the road in all European countries with the exception of Cyprus, Malta and the Republic of Ireland. Check the requirements for each country you visit for documentation required and driving laws. Likely documents needed would be a driving licence,MOT certificate (if older than 3 years old) , insurance document, V5C (registration document) and passport.

Many major roads across the countries have tolls that require payment via cash or card and also many countries offer a tag system that allows you to enter a special lane which detects the tag and opens the barrier enabling you to skip any queues.

Low emission zones are becoming more familiar as governments try to take on the climate crisis and some areas you may visit won’t allow certain older motorhomes with higher emissions whilst some give you the option of a daily fee to contribute to the areas clean air zones. The caravan and motorhome club website has a guide on these places.

Pets abroad

No one likes to leave their pet at home and many own a motorhome just so they can take their pet on holiday with them. Travelling on the continent doesn’t stop this but there are a few things you must do before you leave.

An Animal Health Certificate is issued by your vet within 10 days of you travelling showing your pet is microchipped and vaccinated against rabies. Always check with your vet before travelling as these requirements can be subject to change and also check that the sites you are looking to stay at accept pets.

Prepare your motorhome

Making sure all your equipment for a holiday abroad is in good working order is essential. This applies to the vehicle itself and making sure it has a service and full health check is advisable.

You may feel that you would like to treat yourself to a new motorhome for your trip. In the UK we are lucky with the quality of motorhome manufacturers available such as Baileys of Bristol who offer 360 virtual tours to give you a good overview of the ranges they offer from the comfort of your home before making the trip to physically see the motorhome.

As with any industry technology doesn’t stand still so you will be surprised by what the modern motorhome has to offer as well as lower emissions and better fuel economy.

Enjoy the adventure

Embrace the opportunity to get away somewhere new and experience the different cultures that Europe has to offer. That maybe historic cities, beautiful coastlines, the people and the food. Following our guide should help alleviate any worries of travelling abroad and mean you can spend quality time relaxing. Bon Voyage!