How Lilly Allen Achieved and Maintained Her Remarkable Weight Loss

Lilly Allen

In January 2023, Lily Allen showed off her toned abs as the famous singer began her 2023 fitness regime with Pilates after her holiday with her husband, actor David Harbour. The famous singer wasted no time in getting back to her fitness regime after returning to London. Fans over the years have been asking about Lily Allen’s weight loss journey. It seems like she is in the media every now and then.

In January 2023, she shared a post on Instagram, giving fans a glimpse of her private Pilates session as she worked on her strength.

Fans saw her abs, as the actress was in a long-sleeved grey crop top and black leggings. She worked with professional trainer Amy Nelms, the founder of Flatiron Pilates who also worked with Emma Corrin.

Get To Know Lily

Before we can talk about Lily Allen’s weight loss journey, let’s spend some time talking about the famous celebrity. Born in May 1985 in Hammersmith, London, she is an English singer, songwriter, and actress. Born to actor Keith Allen and film producer Alison Owen, Lily has had her career path set early on.

Growing up in a bohemian family and attended 13 different schools during her childhood, including Hill House School in Knightsbridge. Yet, at the age of 15, she dropped out of school and decided to focus on her music career.

It wasn’t until 18 that she got her first glimpse of success. At this point, Allen began uploading her demos on social networking websites. That helped her secure a contract with London Records.

In 2006, the young singer released her debut album, called Alright, Still. It received critical acclaim and achieved commercial success in the United Kingdom, Australia, and Europe. That album contained hit singles like Smile and LDN. The same year, she was nominated for Mercury Prize with her album.

Three years, later, Lily Allen released her second album, titled It’s Not Me, It’s You. This one debuted at Number 1 on the UK Albums Chart and peaked at Number 5 on the US Billboard 200. With hit singles like The Fear and Not Fair, the album further solidified Allen as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry.

Thanks to her popularity as a musician, Allen has also ventured into the world of acting. The young singer appeared in movies like Elizabeth and Lesbian Vampire Killers. She was also part of television shows like The Keith Allen Show and Lily Allen and Friends, the latter being a reality television show.

To top it all, she wrote a book, called My Thoughts Exactly. It chronicles her personal and professional life. Throughout her career, Lily has been an outspoken artist known for her controversial statements on various issues. At the same time, she supports causes such as poverty, cancer research, and HIV.

Lilly Allen

Does She Have Anorexia?

Back in 2021, the British singer Lily Allen found herself in the media with fans and experts calling her “too thin”. After appearing on The Lateish Show with Mo Gilligan, fans couldn’t help but notice her body. Many even speculated she might have an eating disorder like anorexia.

The Smile singer said at the time, “You’ve never seen me two years completely sober, not smoking and exercising every day”.

During that interview, she reflected on troubles in the past and how she was previously hooked on a drug similar to speed up weight loss while touring with Miley Cyrus in 2014.

At the time, she took a drug similar to speed to shed pounds before the tour with Miley. But instead of shedding pounds, the drug sent her on a downward spiral and left her debating taking heroin to help her act out.

Lily said, “I was supporting this girl who was much younger and more attractive than I felt. I was thinking, I think I have got a drinking problem. And none of this acting out is working anymore. Maybe I should try heroin”.

Speaking about the experience, she also said, “I got married when I was 24 and I had a baby, I had a baby who died 10 years ago this month. And then I went on to have two successful pregnancies and then about six months after my youngest was born we ran out of money and I had to go back out on the road again. But I was 14 stone and did not feel like a pop star at all”.

So, she turned to drugs to lose weight. Speaking about the tour with Miley, she said, “It was when she was doing Wrecking Ball – it was a highly sexualized tour. I had just spent the last three years pushing babies out. It couldn’t have been less what I felt like”.

Lilly Allen

Lily’s Transformation Over The Years

It is natural and logical for someone to go through physical changes and body transformations over the years. After all, Lily first got into the public spotlight in 2006. At the time, she was a young girl.

But as time passes, people’s bodies change. More than 17 years after, she now has two daughters. At the same time, we have to applaud Lily for being open about how her experiences with substance abuse affected her appearance.

And the medication she took in 2014 is called Adderall. It is a medication frequently used to treat ADHD. Speaking about it, she said, “And I got addicted to this drug because it made me invincible and I could work really long hours and be all the people I was required to be”.

The Toll Of Being A Mother

Every mother knows it is not an easy job. Lily has shared how sometimes she forgets to eat when looking after her young children.

The singer has admitted that she loves food, yet, “her stomach often goes quite long distances without eating at times and she is not very good at remembering to do things like eating at regular intervals”.

Lily has been diagnosed with ADHD, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. In one interview, she explained how she struggles to order from fast food chains. Instead, she eats during plane journeys because it comes from a warehouse.

People with ADHD are predisposed to irregular and/or impulsive eating patterns. Sometimes, people forget schedules and mealtimes when they are in a hyper-focused state.

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