Kick Back and Relax: Finding Your Perfect Corner Lounge for Living Room

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There’s nothing better than coming home after a long day and sinking into a comfortable corner lounge in your living room. The right lounge can transform an unused corner into a cosy relaxation nook for you to unwind and de-stress. With so many options on the market, from modular designs to sleek leather lounges, how do you find the perfect corner lounge for your home? We break it down in this article.

Look at Your Space

The first step is assessing your available space. Take measurements so you can find something that fits without overwhelming the room. Consider the flow of the space and where you want the lounge to be oriented. Near a fireplace? Facing the TV? Next to windows? Having a floor plan and measurements on hand while shopping will help you find options tailored to your room’s unique layout.

Consider How You’ll Use It

Imagine how you’ll utilise the lounge. Will it primarily be a place for laid-back TV watching and reading? Or do you intend to host and accommodate guests? Catching weekend naps? If you love entertaining, look for sectionals with chaise components to accommodate more people. For sleep and relaxation, make sure it includes moveable back pillows, headrests or a reclining back. Identifying your priorities in terms of usage will guide you towards lounges specifically designed for those activities.

Choose Your Style

Narrow your selections by choosing the desired style and material, like mid-century modern and velvet or contemporary and leather. Look through design magazines and Pinterest for inspiration on lounge styles that appeal most. This approach helps avoid combinations that might disrupt the intended aesthetic of your room. Make sure to consider what upholstery best suits your lifestyle. For instance, active families with kids and pets may benefit from durable microfiber over delicate fabrics that are prone to stains.

Don’t Underestimate Comfort

Above all, comfort is essential. Even the best-looking lounge will go unused if it’s lacking in the comfort department. Test out display models at furniture stores. Look for cushions that easily conform to your body, flexible, movable parts, and comfy padding. This maximises support and cosiness, no matter your lounging position. Carefully read over the dimensions, remembering that when it comes to cushions, bigger ones are usually better for relaxation.

Additional Comfort Features

Beyond standard padding and construction, also consider special comfort elements that can take your relaxation to the next level. For an ancestral cosy kick, look for corner lounges featuring:

  • Power reclining functions
  • Integrated storage like cupholders and side pockets
  • Swivel ability to face multiple directions
  • Removable back cushions
  • Ottoman portion for kicking up feet
  • Massaging mechanisms
  • Lift-top storage under chaise extension

The more customisable adjustments and convenient amenities, the better for recharging in sublime comfort.

Choose Quality Over Quantity

It’s easy to get a move on at cheaper prices, but be wary—quality often suffers to cut costs. Poor construction with flimsy frames and inadequate padding leads to faster deterioration and uncomfortable sitting. Invest in a well-constructed lounge made with sturdy wood frames, durable upholstery, and high-density foam for lasting use and enjoyment over years of ownership. This prevents the need for replacements after just a short period of use.

Yes, quality corner lounges come at higher prices, but the longevity and daily comfort payoffs make them worth every penny for your living room sanctuary. Plus, many brands offer warranty programmes to protect against early damage or manufacturing defects.

Matching Your Interior Design

Lastly, make sure your new lounge set synergises with the living room’s current interior design. Pay attention to colours, patterns, textures, and shapes that complement existing furniture and architectural finishes. Avoid contrasting styles and colours that may disrupt the overall flow. If you’re considering bolder patterns, you can test it with printed throw pillows before committing to a heavily patterned lounge.

Discover Your Perfect Lounge Fit

Finding a corner lounge suited perfectly for maximising comfort in your living room takes some consideration to get right. But once you discover that ideal fit that includes both form and function, it becomes the ultimate living room retreat you’ll enjoy for years. So take the time to assess your space, comfort desires, and design aesthetic to discover that dream lounge to kick back and unwind on.