How to Make Any Dress Nursing Friendly

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Early parenthood is a time that’s full of changes. There’s lots you can do to prepare yourself though, from reading books to stocking up on snacks and buying a  breastfeeding dress Australia, a few adjustments can ensure you’re ready.

If you want to ease the transition into parenthood then a great place to start is your wardrobe. After the birth of your baby there’s a good chance you won’t feel as fabulous as you used to. The good news is that there’s a cure for that – fashion!

The outfits you choose can make a huge difference to how you feel in your own skin. And, if you choose the right pieces, they can also make an impact on how easy it is to look after your newborn! In this article we’ll discuss some of the things you can do to make your favourite dresses nursing friendly, ensuring you’re ready for anything your new baby can throw at you.

1. Be Careful About What You’re Buying

That’s right, the best thing you can do to make a dress nursing friendly is to pay attention to what you’re buying. Look for dresses that will give you easy access at feeding times. Halter neck and V-neck dresses are a popular choice, and wrap dresses also make it simple to feed your baby at any time.

If you’re buying maternity clothes then have a look for pieces that provide breastfeeding access. Not all maternity wear is designed for nursing mothers, but some pieces include zips or layered access that allows you to wear the dress, even after your baby is born.

2. Get Out Your Sewing Machine

If you’re feeling handy (or if you know a friend or dressmaker that can help out) you can modify any existing dress to make feeding times easier!

The sky’s the limit if you know what you’re doing. But, a simple trick to improve breastfeeding access on any dress is to modify the shoulder straps. Simply unpick the shoulder seam (or cut the fabric if there is no existing seam) and replace it with press studs. Press studs can be unsnapped at any time, allowing you to fold down part of your dress when feeding your baby.

Modifying a dress is also a good way to reduce clothing waste! Instead of buying new clothing that will only suit your changing body for a few months, you can use old pieces, or pick up cheap clothing secondhand, and modify it until it suits your purposes.

3. Layer Up

Dresses are great for most occasions, but it’s often easier to breastfeed with most casual two-piece outfits. If you’re happy to wear a shirt or blouse, you can make it nursing friendly simply by layering a singlet underneath.

When it comes to feeding time, simply lift your top and pull down the singlet to access your breast. Doing this allows you to feed your baby without exposing your breasts or stomach.

4. Add Scarves and Accessories

Layering isn’t just about the outer layers – you can also use accessories like scarves to provide additional privacy.

Scarves are a simple addition to any outfit. They’re also suitable for every climate. Even if you live somewhere hot like Australia, a chiffon or lightweight cotton scarf is a fashion staple. When it comes to feeding time, you can use the scarf to cover up anything you don’t want to be seen, and then wrap it back around your neck when you’re done!

As a bonus, scarves are a great way to cover up other mishaps, like stains or leaking breast milk. You can rest assured that you’ll find yourself dealing with plenty of those during early parenthood, so scarves are a must-have for every wardrobe.

5. Cover Up With a Feeding Towel

Okay, so what if scarves aren’t your thing? What if it’s too hot, or it doesn’t go with the rest of your outfit? Well, there’s no need to go out of your way, you can use any old feeding towel as a privacy screen.

That’s right, the feeding towel you should be keeping in your nappy bag is all it takes to cover up at feeding times. Simply tuck one side of the towel into your bra or dress strap, then drape the other end over your breast to cover up. Easy!

6. Invest in Nursing Wear

And finally, if you’re really stuck for dresses that give you access when nursing, you should look into purchasing a breastfeeding dress Australia. Breastfeeding clothing is purpose designed to suit nursing mums. These types of clothing use zips and flaps to give you easy access at feeding times, but they’re designed to look like normal clothing at other times. That’s perfect if you need clothing that suits your changing body and changing lifestyle!