20 Fun And Fashionable Face Masks For COVID-Conscious Gals

face mask fashion CDPENliHa0o
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What a year this has been! This historic 2020 seems to be comprised of one gut punch after another. No need to state or list any of them. They are quite fresh in everyone’s memory, and some of them are still going strong. Yet, the event that underlies everything and truly marks this year is the COVID-19 pandemic.

It shut us up in our homes, it shut down countless businesses or brought them to their knees. They say the world will never be as we knew it, for better or worse. However, life needn’t be all doom and gloom. We know we will get through this and come back stronger than ever. And while our habits require a bit of change, that’s no reason why we could not look on the bright side of life, even behind a mask. Without further ado, we give you 20 ideas for the accessory that has swept across the world like a plague!

1. Yoda Says…

face mask fashio CCqlmRnBzOS
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May the Force always be with you through these difficult times. Especially when some people do not think they should keep their distance, and even cause trouble if you ask them to. Good thing there is this passive-aggressive, but polite and unequivocal way of reminding them.

2. Those Lips

face mask fashion thme lips CDcWsQ8nabI
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Let’s face it, ladies. The Rona, as well as the mask wearing, have severely affected our lipstick game. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. This mask shields any flaws in technique arising from the ever greater rush to do everything you need to do before going out, or simply relieves you of the obligation altogether.

3. Sequined Rainbow Mask

face mask fashion sequined CDXjgmonE2q
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Ah, yes, sequins! Nothing says ‘protection’ better than wearing something with tiny little circles, making it look like medieval scale armor. Who needs shiny knights, when you can be one for yourself! Plus, this way, each time you go out, you won’t be putting on a mask, you would be putting on an armor.

4. Matching Head-wrap And Mask

face mask fashion h CDjUi60hZOk
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With high summer at its peak, you must be thinking of protection from the sun as well as the virus. Great news! You can use one makeshift contraption that will offer sufficient protection from both. And to top it off, it will not make the back of your ears sore.

5. Scalloped Mermaid Mask

face mask fashion h CCrv rMpRh0
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Any fans of The Little Mermaid out there? If you are wearing a mask, go ahead and wear it in style. Ariel style. Are we right? And yes, we know that the shape and texture are from a mermaid’s tail, and not the face. But honestly, who cares when you look like that?

6. Blue Butterflies

face mask fashion CDlI31KgmCC
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Your mask being made of cloth means that any little decoration could be sewn on them, and there is an infinite number of possibilities to do so. Okay, maybe not infinite, but at the very least a decent amount of fringe work such as this will light up your face in a world full of grayness.

7. Glam Face Mask And Band

face mask fashion CDkODD p8a2
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Masks are not here to mess up your glamorous look. Quite the contrary, they can add to it. Just look at this super cute glam face mask that doubles as the swankiest headband ever. Moreover, its versatility means that it can turn into just about anything.

8. Scarfy Cover

face mask fashion h CCynSgQntES
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We are well aware that we have put something that should be an obvious choice down the middle of our list. No need to panic, here it is. Barring the fact that a scarf gives a bit of a ‘soccer hooligan’ vibe, a good scarf will make you heads turn your way for all the right reasons.

9. Bridal Mask

face mask fashion
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The COVID outbreak has put a halt to many a big day. Nevertheless, weddings and the coronavirus seem to have one thing in common – there is just no stopping them. Therefore, the show must go on, and weddings are resuming with some adjustments.

10. Bling Bandana

face mask fashion CC DUycj3Ty
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‘She wears a red bandana, plays the cool piana’… Nowadays, living up to The Coasters’ lyrics is easier and more fashionably acceptable than ever. And if you happen to be the type that enjoys a good bandana and likes to marvel at bling… Voila! Put it on and paint the town black.

11. Lacy Trimmed Mask

face mask fashion CDJfQR0ByA1
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Let us venture into a guess by saying that many of us love lace, but feel that wearing something lacy on an everyday basis is probably somewhat too much. Well, pre-corona rules do not apply to the mask! If they can tank the economy (yet again), you can wear lace on your face.

12. Baroque Hand-Sewn Mask

face mask fashion baroque handsewn h CDeS8vGAerf
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Ah, the splendor of baroque, the staccato sound of the clavichord, the rococo decorations… These may well be forgotten ways of an era long gone, or are they? Like we said, the game has changed and old rules are no longer in play. The Versailles awaits!

13. Sequined And Lace Neck Covering Mask

face mask fashion CDkGZX8pBq0
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By this point, it is likely that you have founds yourself in a sort of a dilemma about whether sequins or lace look better on you, or which of them brings out your eyes more. Why be in a dilemma in these uncertain times? You should go for both, with not a care in the world.

14. Smiling Crock Mask

face mask fashion
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Even though crocodiles are not exactly known for smiling, a smiley crock mask will go a long way into spreading cheer and much-needed positive energy. And it’s green! One thing’s for sure – everyone will love it. Except for maybe Captain Hook.

15. Tassel Mask

face mask fashion CDUtvbXlBnd
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Have you ever woken up in the morning and thought, ‘Hm, why don’t I make my face and general appearance look like the inside of a Cadillac limo?’ If the answer is no, keep scrolling. If the answer is yes, then tassels on a face mask are the thing for you.

16. Superhero Mask

face mask fashion CDlayhtJoYK
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Working from home while trying to keep a family going is the mother of all hassles (pun intended). All of this brings out the Wonder Woman in each of us. It is high time we are reminded that the true superheroes are the people we see every day.

17. Fun Patterned Mask

face mask fashion h
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And now time for the little elephant in the room. Kids invariably find masks boring, pointless, and generally a nuisance. Now is the moment to flip the script on them by turning them into something fun, colorful, and stylish, that they can show off to their friends.

18. Drinking Mask

face mask fashion CDjJuHglHBv
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One of the major downsides of a face mask is that it doesn’t really allow to drink, which is not recommended on a hot summer day, or while seeing friends in reopened cafes and bars. Lo and behold, there is no obstacle on the path to drinking that the human mind cannot remove.

19. Smile Mask

face mask fashion smile mask
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Speaking of the (many) cons of wearing a mask, one of them is certainly not being able to see if one is smiling or laughing. This is particularly tricky when you’re joking, and other people are not aware of it. They say the eyes never lie, but why take that risk?

20. A Caring Mask

face mask fashion CDPENliHa0o
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As for all of you ‘Live, Laugh, Love’ types, don’t worry. We haven’t forgotten about you. Here is another way you can spread love and positivity all around you (instead of germs and viruses) in a way that requires no effort whatsoever. It’s a win-win!

Don’t you know it, we are at the end of our list. Who would have thought that something as simple as a face mask could come in so many different shapes and colors? Only everyone with some fashion sense. In any case, if you wanted some proper style to go with your mask, we hope that we have given it to you in abundance. So, how do you like our selection? Let us know which you like the most in the comments.

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