16 Cute And Comfy Pet Beds For Your Furry Friends

pet beds diyt shirt cat tent ht earcrissy
Tutorial: https://www.petsplusus.com/pet-information/lifestyle/diy-tshirt-tent-for-cats

They are our loving housemates, our best furry friends, showering us with love and unjudgemental companionship. They are our pets. We care for them and in return, they give us endless love and so many funny and positive moments that will keep us smiling throughout the day, and there to give us silent comfort us when we feel down.

It comes to no surprise that those who love their cats and dogs don’t mind spending a few more bucks on pet toys and pet food to keep them entertained and healthy. Unfortunately, not all pets appreciate all the things we get them. After all, price tags mean nothing to them. Sometimes they even surprise us how contempt and happy they can be with the simplest gifts we give them or which they find lying around. Just ask any cat owner who bought something for their cat only for the cat to find the box the item came in more interesting than the item itself. Or a dog owner, who got different types of tug ropes or squeaky toys only for the dog to continue bringing their favorite old tennis ball to play fetch.

As much as we love our pets like our own children, we need to remember that they won’t necessarily appreciate something more just because it cost more money. So, if you’re planning to get your pet a new bed to relax and rest in, save the money for their favorite treats instead.

Here are a few tutorials to help you make the bed your pets will love, and one that won’t leave a hole in your pockets.

1. Round Cat Bed And Bolster Pillow

pet beds diy How to Sew a Round Cat Bed Bolster Pillow instructables
Tutorial: instructables.com

Cats love sleeping in something small and cozy, so lets’s start with this easy fleece bolster pillow. Your cat will love the little extra stuffing around the edges, for that extra snuggnes. And the bolster pillow will deffinitely become your cat’s new favorite toy to play or sleep with.


2. Sturdy Dog Bed For Big Dogs

pet beds diy easy dog bed wouldntitbelovelyblog
Tutorial: wouldntitbelovelyblog.blogspot.com

Large dog breeds need a bigger and steardier bed than other pets, which for most of us can be trickier and pricier to DIY than actually go an get some. Luckily, we found this darling big bed for big dogs. An elevated bed, which is known to be quite popular with dogs, but isnead made from PVC pipe and a cloth, this heavy-duty bed and is made from wood and some tough nylon strapping. It is easier to make than it looks, and your big boy will love it.

3. Windowsill Cat Bed With Hanging Basket

pet beds DIY hanging basket diycraftscreativeideas
Tutorial: diycraftscreativeideas.com

Cats love gazing out the window. They can do it all day long, even if the windowsill is big enough only to get their paws on there. If your cat is struggling to look at the world, but can’t fit by the window, then you can be sure that it will definitely use this hanging windowsill hanging bed basket more than anything else.

4. Shi[ping Pallet Buddy Dog Bed

pet beds diy shipping pallet dog bed savedbylovecreations
Tutorial: savedbylovecreations.com

Do you have two dogs, or two pets that like to play together, but all hell breaks loose when it comes to sharing the bed? If so, then you might like to check out this double decker bed, great for two different sized pets. And it’s made from old pallets, so you know that the real cost will come from your effort and your pets’ appreciation.


pet beds cat bed scratching post blog.manomano.co .u diy cat bed scratching post
Tutorial: blog.manomano.co.uk

Here’s a project that woodworkers, be it beginners or pros will appreciate. A stacked kitty bed that can be used for more than sleeping. Your cat will find it fun for climbing and playing around it, making it a great cat tree, the wraparound sissal rope is the scratching post and of course, a nice private sleeping section to hideaway in. Get your wood panels and start building this piece of kitty heaven.

6. Dog Crate Cover

pet beds diy dog crate cover heathershandmadelife
Tutorial: heathershandmadelife.com

Some might think dog cages are not the most humane way to keep a dog, but, hey, if the dog likes or it’s accustomed to sleeping in one, who are we to judge. They might feel safe there, who knows. That doesn’t mean we can’t spice up the cage for our dog and even turn it into something useful for us. After all, dog cages can take up a lot of space, so making a converting for it that can serve as a night stands, makes perfect sense. Wouldn’t you agree?

7. Cardboard Cat Bed

pet beds diy cardboard bed ht instructables
Tutorial: instructables.com

Cats and cardboard. Maybe there is no explanation for why cat’s go nuts for cardboard boxes, but the Internet is full of video evidence that cats around the world love them. To spice things up, give your cat the top-of-the-line, most luxurious cardboard box there is, with this one shaped bed. It looks adorable, and we bet your cat will not only hide away in it often, but will probably use it as a new scratching pole too.

8. Table Turned Four-Poster Pet Bed

pet beds DIY upside down table allcreated
Tutorial: allcreated.com

Getting a four -0poster bed for your dog when you don’t have one for yourself seems a bit much. However, did you know that you might already have one or more of these royal doggy beds in your home? Take any old chair or small side table, turn it around, decorate it, put a cushion in it, and your pet will sleep like royalty in their new four-poster bed.

9.  Radiator Hanging Cat Bed

pet beds diy diy radiator cat be curbly
Tutorial: curbly.com

In the winter, we all love to snuggle near the heating system in our home, whatever it might be. Cats would do that all year round. They love being warm. If you find your act always sleeping on the radiator or near it, then it’s a no brainer that your cat needs one of these hanging cat beds and now you know how to make them.

10. Old Tire Dog Bed

pet beds diy diy dog bed from a recycled tire practicallyfunctional
Tutorial: practicallyfunctional.com

For those into recycling, here is one pet bed project you’ll appreciate. An old car tire, thoroughly  cleaned and painted with safe-for-animals paints, and with the right cushion will make a great bed for your dog, and something to chew on too, if it so wishes.

11. Donut Cat Bed And Scratcher

pet beds diy httpdiywithollie.comdiy donut cat bed and scratcher
Tutorial: diywithollie.com

This project is just too precious and so easy, even a child can make it. Just look at the tutorial. Making this donut cat bed and scratcher is really that easy.

12. Thriftstore Cabinet Turned Doggy Bed

pet beds DIY diy dog bed lauraerickson2001
Tutorial: lauraerickson2001.wordpress.com

Old liquor cabinets are pet condos waiting to happen. Especially those old, big and chunky cabinets, or even some bookshelf opening or side tables, whatever you may have, can easily be turned into a nice, little nook where your pet can rest and relax.

13. Doggy Cushion Bed Cover

pet beds dog bed cover blog.spoonflower
Tutorial: blog.spoonflower.com

Pets can be quite humble in their bedding preferences, in a way that if you give them the most lavish pet bed, they’ll still want to sleep on their old cushion. However, if you want to freshen up and update your pet’s cushion, then you might want to check out how to make these neat cushion covers.

14. Chunky Knitted Cat Bed

pet beds diy diy chunky knitted cat bed project.theownerbuildernetwork
Tutorial: project.theownerbuildernetwork.co

Crocheting, knitting, and weaving are becoming more and more popular in recent years. Hand knitting is also a fun craft to learn and if you’re interested in trying it out, but not sure about what project to start with, this one is the answer for you. A hand knitted cat bed from one of the softest, chunkiest materials in this art – ohhio braid cotton yarn.

15. Burrow Bed For Dogs

pet beds diy burrow dog bed liagriffith
Tutorial: liagriffith.com

Small breed dogs need the extra warmth, especially on colder days, so you’ve probably seen them burrowing between your blankets or trying to get into their own. The latter is a bit more tricky, since they can’t tuck themselves in.

16. T-Shirt Cat Tent

pet beds diyt shirt cat tent ht earcrissy
Tutorial: petsplusus.com

Last but not least, this pet bed is one you’ve probably stumbled upon once or twice while searching for cat beds or tents on the Internet. And whatever you might think, you can actually make it in minutes with just two  wire hangers and an old T-shirt. Make sure to check out how.

That’s all the ideas we have for now. Which one do you think will your pet love the most? Leave us a comment in the comment section bellow and please feel free to share your DIY pet bed ideas and experiences.

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