20 Crochet Children’s Hat Tutorials For Warm And Cozy Winter

Tutorial: https://daisycottagedesigns.net/slouchy-beanie-crochet-pattern/

Who doesn’t love dressing their kids up in adorable outfits? Now you can make a cute little crochet hat to go with them.

Making a crochet hat for toddlers is always an enjoyable effort. For a little project, it is the right size. It’s quick enough to be completed in a day but exciting enough to stimulate the imagination. Kids love whimsy and fun, so when making hats for them, you can play with color, shapes, and designs. No matter how creative they are, these hats are also really practical since they keep a child’s head warm on windy or chilly days.

The downstairs crochet projects are beginner-friendly and can be completed in less time than it takes to watch your new Netflix film. These hats are great for keeping the head of your little one warm and they even look cute! They also make perfect gifts or wedding presents for baby showers. If you’re looking for some charming kids crochet hat ideas, look no further…check out these 15 unbelievably adorable kids’ crochet hats!

1. Cobblestone Beanie

Tutorial: makeanddocrew.com

One of the most common items to produce is crocheting hats for children. It’s so nice to knit a few hats to keep on hand for your kids as the weather begins to get colder. You’ll find the free crochet hat design for kids at the bottom of the image above. Enjoy! Enjoy!

2. Double Pom Pom Hat

Tutorial: kniftyknittings.com

A perfect project for a novice, since it’s so tiny that it could be completed in a day by anybody. You will have the pleasure of making 2 pom-poms, too! Who doesn’t like pom poms, don’t they?

3. Dinosaur Hat

Tutorial: yarngeekery.com

This Free Pattern Dinosaur hat is a perfect hat to keep warm on cold winter days! With this adorable free pattern supplied by the link below, you may look like a dinosaur. This design is fairly basic, and most individuals should be able to do it reasonably quickly. We really like this design because it’s very easy to make and is exactly the same as any store-bought hat!

4. Watermellon Hat

Watermelon Hat ExtraLarge700 ID 2473479
Tutorial: allfreecrochet.com

Looking for a nice, new fruit crochet hat to make? This watermelon hat is great for kids in the summer. The layout is a simple beanie, making it a fast knit. We hope that you guys enjoy this pattern-happy knitting!

5. Llama Hat

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Tutorial: repeatcrafterme.com

This is a pretty simple project and looks 100% Amazing. Who doesn’t like llamas, I mean? To keep the ears warm and comfortable, the hat even has ear flaps. For beginners and intermediates who just want an Amazing llama hat, this design is fantastic.

6. Gingerbread Hat

Gingerbread Cookie Crochet Hat Pattern ExtraLarge1000 ID 796211
Tutorial: allfreeholidaycrafts.com

Go, run as fast as possible! You cannot catch me, I am the Guy of Gingerbread! Make a whole batch with this simple crochet pattern of gingerbread hats! Only in time for the vacation season! People would assume that you invest a lot of effort into them than they really do. They’d make awesome presents or picture props.

7. Unicorn Hat

Magical Unicorn Crochet Hat
Tutorial: mamainastitch.com

Nothing is more magical here than unicorns! Have you got a little girl who likes unicorns? She’s sure to enjoy this unicorn crochet hat with a rainbow mane, if so! For rainy, gray winter days, ideal for dress-up, Halloween, and a fun, colorful hat. Let’s get straight to the pattern and click on the above tutorial!

8. Shark Hat

Tutorial: repeatcrafterme.com

Do you want your baby and kiddo to make your crochet hats look more fun? Well, look no further, for this idea is for you alone! The hat turns out pretty smoothly and is beautiful. Much like a shark does, the fin bends right. Enjoy! Enjoy!

9. Penguin Hat

Tutorial: icanknoteven.com

This crochet penguin hat is going to be a success for almost all, because who doesn’t love a penguin!? They’re friendly and sweet and they make some pretty cool videos for Youtube! Don’t they have cute little faces like that?

10. Rainbow Beanie

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Tutorial: crochetwithcarrie.com

With these rainbow beanie hats, why not bring a splash of color to your wardrobe? They are such happy items that you love not just children or teenagers. Then try soft pastels if bold vivid colors are not your thing. Decorate these hats with fluffy pompoms, like a pin, or other info. It’s going to add to their charm and your children will certainly love wearing these cute beanies. Moreover, they will also make a great gift for your loved ones so give them a try.

11. Earflap Hat With Pink Hearts

Tutorial: classycrochet.wordpress.com

This chunky crochet earflap hat is introduced to you in order to keep your little one’s head warm during winter. It is super dense, but on those cold days, it will be extra warm and toasty. And after your kid finally had the hat all grubby playing in the snow, feel free to throw it in the washing machine.

12. Polar Bear Hat

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Tutorial: sweetlivingmagazine.co.nz

The easiest hats often turn out to be the cutest. And this hat, oh.my.goodness, is just too adorable for words. Could you imagine this cute little polar bear being soft and snuggly? It works easily and is suitable for a girl or a child! For your girls, you can also add a removable red flower that gives them a little holiday spirit.

13. Fox Hat

Tutorial: repeatcrafterme.com

A sweet little cover, great for the other fox fans out there, for your (or your little one!) head. If you know what it means to the fox? Well… neither do we, but we know how adorable they are! We can still enjoy a good fox creation, however, so we’re giving away a free fox hat crochet pattern in this article. Enjoy! Enjoy!

14. Elf Hat

IMG 2070
Tutorial: okiegirlblingnthings.com

The holidays are here and the children need matching hats at parties to look extra sweet! They must be little elves because they are little! These elf crochet hats are super cute and easy to make! With fun and cheerful pom-pom on top, it’s over! We love this pattern, and we hope you will check it out as well!

15. Pixie Bonnet Hat

Photo: mooglyblog.com

It’s so easy to knit for kids. It’s all so beautiful, and this free pixie bonnet pattern for a newborn is no different. Given the fact that they’ll grow out of it just as soon, the brief amount of time it takes to complete a cute and cosy little hat is so worth it.

16. Slouchy Beanie

Tutorial: daisycottagedesigns.net

Hat season has ended! What better way than with a slouchy hat to make your children demonstrate their own style?! It is really quick to adopt this free crochet pattern. With all the required instructions, the tutorial is given in the picture above. Enjoy! Enjoy!

17. Eskimo Hat

crochetbabybuttoneskimohat5WM 598x900 1
Tutorial: whistleandivy.com

The Eskimo hat is a luxurious hat and you’ll love it, and it’s great fun to make. It is sumptuously comfortable and luxurious, exquisite to the touch, and just right for the ski slopes or just a regular hat! With a simple crochet stitch pattern that is available on the above page, the beautiful Eskimo hat was made.

18. Bobble Beanie

free bobble crochet pattern
Tutorial: thefriendlyredfox.com

It seems as if every year has its own winter hat patterns. But it still seems to be very popular for textured beanies, which is awesome, because we love working with texture. And we love to make crochet bobbles. It is fun and adds great visual appeal to the texture offered to caps, blankets, and just about everything else. Just enjoy this tutorial!

19. Alien Ears Hat

Baby alien ears 1024x768 1
Tutorial: crochetitcreations.com

Knit up this hat for your infant and please cross your fingers so that the aliens don’t mistake one of their own for the baby! So, if the World and the creature that it contains fascinate your girls, feel free to make this awesome crochet hat for them!

20. Christmas Tree Hat

christmas tree hat crochet pattern ruffle dreamalittlebigger 100
Tutorial: dreamalittlebigger.com

If you have upcoming Christmas pictures or are planning a ride to the North Pole, this Christmas tree hat with a festive crochet is a must for any family member. Looking to keep your heads warm and enjoy the Christmas season with an adorable crochet hat? Look no further than this cute crochet design for the Christmas tree hat!

We hope that you are feeling inspired to try out some of these crochet projects. Which one caught your eye the most? Feel free to leave a comment down below!

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