15 Strictly Business Hairstyles For Women

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The fashion industry has changed a lot lately, and assumptions no longer bundle women up. Today, business apparel and hairstyle are a lot more creative, innovative, and colorful. Not only that we are not limited to black and gray suits, but also the haircuts are no longer dull.

Chic looks mean that, while retaining your normal trendy aura, you can look suitable for the workplace. To give you your best professional flair, company hairstyles for women should feel clean and pulled-together. There is no excuse, however, why you should not have a little fun in the process!

Of course, each business has its dress code, and your hair is also involved, but you can still find loopholes that can improve your look and compliment your style. There are several distinct hairstyles to fit long locks, pixie hair, short, long, or any length in between, whether you are looking for an everyday hairstyle or something more eye-catching for a major meeting, significant presentation, or even a job interview.

So we present the best business hairstyles for women that will alter your hairstyle, whether you want to make an impact or blend into the climate.

1. Side Ponytail

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The long gradient is the ultimate sexy haircut, but if combined with the right outfit, it can become the ultimate business hairstyle. The beauty of this cust is that it is chicer while remaining natural. Make sure that you pin it correctly to get the tidiness you need for the business hours, but still remain loose enough not to give you a headache.

2. Short Bob

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The asymmetrical bob is super chic, and still a very professional look. It is tidy, it is neat, and above all makes you look young and cool. This look suits very well the heart-shaped face, and it especially looks professional if it is paired with a pair of modern Gucci eyeglasses. So, don’t be sull, use this style to be modern and chic.

3. Bubble Pony

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Here is an idea on how to make a neat, tidy, and interesting hairstyle of your long hair. This bubble pony is unusual, makes you look younger, and is becoming more and more a classic style to be here forever. You might need some more pony-strings, but it will keep your hair tidy for hours, no matter where you go and where you work.

4. Purple Pixie

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Pixie hairstyle might not seem like the perfect style for a professional woman. To many, it seems more like a hairstyle for a sportswoman or someone that is destined to be outside. Actually, it resembles a strong woman that is a strong fighter for any obstacle before her. And if it is dyed in a cool purple color, maybe it will become the perfect style for you.

5. High Ponytail

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Usually, a ponytail is considered a more laidback style. But, if it is done in the perfect way, with a bump in front and a neat gathering in the back, it is becoming the perfect business hairstyle. It makes your hair look tidy and neat, and still be cool and modern at the same time. Combine it with the right outfit and jewelry, to make it the greatest of all.

6. Loose Bob

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This laid back style is another cool idea for a business hairstyle. Combined with any business outfit, it becomes the greatest hairstyle for a good businesswoman. It can be set in several different styles, thus making it one of the best styles for a good and professional woman. Make sure you have the right discreet jewelry to complete any look you need.

7. Messy Bun

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You might think that messy bun is not a business style. But, the times have changed so much that having a messy bun for an important meeting or a presentation is a great style that presents intellectual chaos in someone’s head. It gives an impression of smart ideas and constant innovation. So, go for it, ladies!

8. Semi-Braid, Semi-Ponytail

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A French braid is always a good idea. However, it might sometimes make you feel stiff and older than you really are. So, take a look at this idea of a semi French braid that ends in a ponytail. It’s cool, it’s fresh and still elegant to make you feel great and business inspired for the best office look. Pair it with the right outfit, and you’re ready to go!

9. Silver Short Bob

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Everyone thinks that if you’re in your 50’s it is not appropriate to wear a high bob. Well, you’re wrong. A high bob can look great no matter your age. Even if your hair is grey, it looks wonderful, posh, cool, and modern. It gives you a great fresh look and makes you feel full of energy to give your best for your business.

10. Curly Hair

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Curly hair is usually tough to deal with. Still, laid back, loose curls can give you a great business look. Simply pull your hair back, use some gel to sleek it, and show off your curls to everyone around. Pair it with an elegant outfit, and good jewelry to make you look even more professional, yet cool and modern.

11. Colourful Bun

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For all lovers of crazy colors, it doesn’t mean that you can’t look professional and modern with your crazy color. Here is an idea of how to get your hair done and look perfect for that very important business meeting. Simply show off your colored hair by making a colorful bun secured with an elegant pin. You’ll look modern and neat all at once.

12. Low Bow Ponytail

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When you’re not in the mood of doing your hair in the morning, a simple solution is a low ponytail. And if you have an important meeting during the day, use a simple bow to decorate it and make it elegant looking business hairstyle. It is simple, yet looks posh and gives you a professional image.

13. Classic Bun

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This elegant bun is considered a special occasion. But it is so easy to make, that it’s really suitable for your daily business look. Especially if you have some important presentation, meeting, or any outstanding event in your day job. It looks great with an elegant business suit paired with discreet jewelry.

14. Bob With Bangs

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A straight bob with cute bangs can turn out to be the best business hairstyle for young professionals. It is simple, elegant, and stylish. Extremely easy to style, and full of varieties to decorate it with elegant hairpieces, and still keep the cool and modern look. Experiment with it and find what suits you best.

15. Interview Bun

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A job interview is a very important part of your career life. You must look professional in an interview, and yet, you don’t want to lose your young cool style. This high bun is the perfect solution for you. It is modern, very stylish, so this season and still looks professional and elegant in combination with a perfect smart outfit. So, go for it!

These were the ideas we selected for you. If you have other ideas, please share them with us in the comments below.

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