Birthday Celebrating Ideas to Surprise The Little One

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In my household right now is the birthday season and what I mean by that is we have birthdays back-to-back for the following months, I don’t like to throw a huge birthday party for each one of my kids every single year for one, we don’t have an endless amount of money in our household. And it’s just a lot of stress and time to come up with different themes and guest lists and goodie bags and just the whole shebang that goes into party planning. So what I do is I have a list of different ideas of things that I can do to celebrate my child’s birthday.

5 Ways to Celebrating Children’s Birthday At Home

In this article, I’m going to be sharing with you five ideas for celebrating your child’s birthday without having to throw them a huge party.

Decorate The House

The first tip is to decorate your house. I like to have the birthday boy help with the decoration because they will be really proud of it. I have used hanging swirls, pom poms flowers, and happy birthday banners to create an atmosphere. My son also asked me to buy some toys online, including a few minion toys, and put them in his bedroom, which made him very happy.

A Morning Plate

The second tip is to make a birthday morning plate to surprise the kids, I have used two Donuts to make the number six, because my boy is turning six, and then I chopped out some apples to decorate the plate, and also add in a candle, then you have it a birthday morning plate.

A Family Trip

The next one is my personal favorite a family trip. You can either go big with this family trip: go to Disneyland, SeaWorld, or one of those big amusement parks, or if you can even scale it down and do a local zoo or a local attraction that’s in your area, something to do as a family together and not only are you celebrating a child’s birthing and making them feel special, because you’re going to this certain place for their birthday, you’re making memories so it’s a definite win-win. What I’ve done in the past is take my daughters to get their nails and hair done now, I know from firsthand experience how special the girl feels when they get all done up and pampered, it’s just a great way to celebrate their special day.

Some Unique Thing For Birthday

If you love doing something crafty and fun, you could consider a little gift that is linked somehow to the experience that the children have just had together. If they were face painting, perhaps it’s a little tattoo. If it was a bubble party, perhaps it’s a little bottle of bubbles. If you were out in nature, perhaps it’s a little seed packet to plant a seed.

A Photo Book

Every birthday, we create a photo book for our children. This a book with photos of them, of the things that they’ve done and the art that they’ve created, and the projects they’ve worked on, over the past year. It’s a memory book. We also add in some text, telling some stories about the important events that year, milestones, things that we want them to remember about their character development or about their friendships, names of friends, and names of places that they visited. We gift this birthday book to them each birthday, as a way of cementing their memories and celebrating them. I think to me, this is an opportunity and a tool to help my children form, their memories and form their sense of self, their narrative, and the story of their childhood. To me, that’s a really beautiful way of celebrating a child each year, and of accomplishing communicating our family values, what we love about them, and what we celebrate about them.

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Those were my 5 tips about what I gift our children every single birthday. Thanks for reading!