Best Nail Shape For Fat Fingers – How To Make Them Slender


For women around the world, finding a form and size that flattens your large fingers is a challenge. You may spend countless hours at the nail salon, and still have no clue about how to flatten your fat fingers. Today, however, we want to help you. Let’s talk about what is the best nail shape for fat fingers.

Almond nails? Stiletto nails? Oval nails? What is the best shape? How to get them? How to make your fingers look longer and more graceful?

Well, here are some tricks to give the impression you have a slimmer and more powerful hand.

Why Is The Shape Important?


The nail shape can make or break your look. Different nail shapes can create a different overall effect. Depending on the nail shape, your nails and hands can look amazing or awful.

Now, you might think it is easy or hard to get the best nail shape for your fingers. You are wrong and right. Sometimes it is easy, sometimes it is hard. But it is always a challenge.

There are countless nail shape inspirations nowadays. From social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, you might find a nail design you like. But is that shape right for you?

Generally speaking, there are more than 10 popular nail shapes. Some of them will work for fat fingers, while others will not.

Why Are Large Fingers Challenging?

Having large fingers makes it harder for any woman to find a shape and size that looks good on her. I assume you are looking down at your hands and you are thinking about what nail shape to get.

Well, this can be a bit confusing. Luckily, we have answers for you. We have spent a lot of time in the salon, and we know a thing or two.

We can easily recognize what works well for larger hands and what doesn’t. Finding the best shape can help you create an illusion and use your nails to your advantage to enhance your features.

How To Choose The Best Nail Shape?

Before we talk about what is the best nail shape for fat fingers, let’s talk about how to choose the right shape for you.

The best manicure colors and designs will bring out the beauty of your nails. If you have the right form and shape, the beautiful nail design will stand out on your fingers.

As we said before, certain nail forms are suitable for specific shapes. Now, some nail shapes work for every finger size and shape.

Generally talking, when you have chubby hands, your goal is to make your fingers look smaller and your hands slimmer. How do you do that? By using longer and thinner nails instead of shorter and larger ones. It is all about nail structure and hand structure.

Best Nail Shape For Fat Fingers

Now let’s talk about the best nail shape for large fingers. There are some nail shapes you can use, and some that you should absolutely avoid.

Almond Nails


We said that longer and thinner nails help with chubby hands. Well, almond nails are perfect for making your nails look more feminine and thinner.

This nail style resembles the shape of an almond. It is achieved by filling the tips of your nails in a slant around the corner. This way, you get an almond-shaped nail tip.

Then, you need to smooth your nails out. When you are finished, your fingers will look more delicate and slight. And your hands will look slimmer and more sophisticated.

We also recommend painting your nails in neutral nude colors.

Stiletto Nails


Next on our list is stiletto nails, another nail style that gives you longer nails. It is a popular style. But one that is difficult to do at home.

If you find your fingers fat or chubby, this nail design is perfect for you. The pointy shape makes your fingers look longer and more slender. Celebrities have made this style quite popular. And the uniqueness of stiletto nails will make your hands stand out.

A stiletto manicure is preferred when you want to make a statement. You can try doing them at home, but it is challenging. You need to file your nail in an almond shape but then refine the tip further.

Apply nail art or paint them in any color you want.

Coffin Nails


Coffin nails are another glamorous option. They will make your fingers look less fat and ready for a party. Coffin nails share the characteristic of having sharp edges.

Unlike square nails, which we do not recommend, the coffin shape has angled points filed into the side edges.

Natural or acrylic, make these nails really long. Yes, they can be impractical because they are tough to care for regularly. And if you want a more festive look, make sure to paint them with some glitter and rhinestones.

Oval Nails


When you have fat fingers, you want a manicure that will make your fingers look longer than they already are. Enter oval nail shape.

Give them a try. They might not be as glamorous as almond, stiletto, or coffin nails, but they will get the job done.

They are far more practical and suitable if you use your hands regularly. And if you work in a professional setting, oval nails are definitely the better option.

Easy to attain at home, oval nails look beautiful regardless of the color you choose.

What Is The Best Nail Color For Fat Fingers?

When you have fat fingers, the nail shape is only part of the equation. The other part is the nail color. What is the best nail polish color you can choose?

Well, flattering fat fingers can be a challenge. In terms of nail polish color, we have a couple of ideas.

For example, fleshy pinks will not call for attention. Or you can use dark neutrals. In the same way, dark clothes make you look trimmer, dark nail polish will make your hands appear smaller. It might seem goth-inspired, but it will get the job done.

The other two options include dark reds and dark purples.

What Nail Shapes To Avoid?

We have talked about the best nail shape for fat fingers. But what are the different nail shapes you have to avoid? Let’s revisit them as well.

Squoval Nails


This nail design works great for individuals with long fingers. But not so much for those with larger fingers. This shape can create a larger effect on your nails and make them look bigger and chubbier.

Round Nails


Round nails will not provide the effect you want. They might be simple to create, but round nails give the wrong effect. They are practical, just not suitable for larger fingers.

Instead, they will make your already large fingers appear larger.

How To Grow Your Nails?

The key to making your fingers and nail look longer is to grow your nails. And how can you do it? Well, the longer the nails, the more slender they appear to be. The simple way is to apply acrylics.

But you can also grow your nails naturally. We recommend growing, strengthening, and prioritizing nail health. How do you do that?

Well, start by putting on cuticle oil daily. When your nails get moisture and essential oils, vitamins, and minerals, they can grow and strengthen. You will notice a dramatic improvement just by putting on some cuticle oil daily.

Prepare your nails with a regular manicure. Depending on the nail shape you like, prepare your nails through regular manicures. And you can do that at home.

Last, but not least, it is time to apply some nail gel. Ask any nail professional they will tell you that gel manicure helps nails grow. This is because a gel manicure provides the nails with extra strength. It prevents breaking or snapping easily.

Now, if you decide to apply gel, refrain from peeling it off. Change the color every fortnight.

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