Adam Lambert’s Weight Gain: How It’s Impacting His Career And Fanbase

Adam Lambert

Over the past several years, Adam Lambert has been the topic of numerous speculations. How and why did he gain weight? The famous musician has struggled with weight for a couple of years. Today, we will try to answer all the questions regarding Adam Lambert’s weight gain.

The former participant in American Idol has become one of the most famous singers in the world. But obesity has been his problem. Let’s discuss it.

Get To Know Adam

First, we have to talk about Adam and his life. The American singer, songwriter, and actor, is famous for his powerful vocals, but also for his flamboyant stage presence. That flamboyant stage presence helped him earn a place with Queen and tour with the iconic British rock band.

Born in January 1982, in Indianapolis, Indiana, he was raised in San Diego, California. As a young child, Lambert was exposed to music and his passion for it was quite strong.

He was born to Leila Lambert and Ebert Lambert. His parents divorced when he was nine years old. Adam has a younger brother, Neil Lambert.

Speaking of his education, Adam attended Mt. Carmel High School in San Diego. There, he also participated in theater productions and choir and took voice lessons. From there, he enrolled at California State University and studied theater. One year after, he dropped out to pursue his music career.

Lambert got nationwide attention in 2009 when he was a contestant on the eighth season of American Idol. His unique vocal range impressed the judges and the audience. While he finished as a runner-up to Kris Allen, he ended up with a far better career. In one interview, he said that “homophobia was probably the reason he lost the crown”.

After his American Idol experience, he released his debut album, titled For Your Entertainment. The album debuted at Number 3 on the Billboard 200 chart, thanks to hit singles like Whataya Want from Me and If I Had You.

His second album, titled Trespassing, was released in 2012. This one debuted at No.1, thanks to collaborations with producers such as Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers.

In 2011, he also joined the legendary rock band, Queen, serving as the lead singer. While nobody can replace the iconic Freddie Mercury, Lambert did a fantastic job with Queen.

In 2014, he released his third studio album, titled The Original High. He has continued to tour with Queen, even releasing new music like the single All I need Is You.

Adam Lambert after gained weight

How Did The Pandemic Influence Adam?

Now let’s talk about Adam Lambert’s weight gain experience. It all began during the Covid-19 pandemic. Like the rest of the world, the rock star spent the pandemic in elastic wasted sweatpants. But despite his weight gain, Adam wore a suit without a shirt for the music video Ordinary World, a cover of Duran Duran’s song.

In January 2021, speaking on Kelly Clarkson’s talk show, he joked that he didn’t mind being filmed from the chest up. In his words, “The Quarantine 19 is real”.

How Did Fans React?

Fans first noticed Adam’s weight gain in 2020. He was pictured on a beach in Mexico. The photos from his vacation quickly went viral on the internet. And fans joked around, saying things like, “The weight and facial hair look good on Adam Lambert”.

Some fans encouraged the American singer, saying things like, “Lambert’s body will always be beautiful, but it is harder to shake the pounds as one turns 40”.

When Did The Rumors Begin?

Adam Lambert’s weight has been a topic of discussion for several years now. But in February 2023, his weight and body image were again on the front page.

Adam, one of the most well-known American Idol stars, looked unrecognizable in his latest music video. Yes, makeup and prosthetics do wonders. But the star ditched his signature dark strands for a gray mane and some pronounced wrinkles.

He looked significantly older in his music video, a cover of Billie Eilish’s song, Getting Older. Being old and fat is certainly not something you want in Hollywood, right?

What Did Adam Lambert Say?

In the video, Adam sings, “I’m getting older, I’ve got more on my shoulders/But I’m getting better at admitting when I’m wrong/I’m happier than ever, at least that’s my endeavor/To keep myself together and prioritize my pleasure”.

Gradually, we get a glimpse of what the singer would look like as an older man. Despite the more mature look, he still rocks a stylish ensemble and plenty of bling.

Adam Lambert weight gain

Working With A Trainer To Get The Weight Off

Adam now works with a personal trainer to try and get his weight off. And it is a problem that has chased him for a while.

In high school, for example, Adam weighed 250 pounds. That impacted his self-esteem. Speaking about the period, he calls it the “ugly-duckling complex”. He slimmed down by making healthier choices like practicing portion control and avoiding junk food.

He worked with celebrity personal trainer, Seth Gottesdiener. The two developed a regime that would eventually help Lambert to keep his slim physique in his later years. He enjoys Pilates and hikes four times per week.

Speaking On Mental Health

As we all know, obesity, weight gain, and weight loss can have a toll on your mental condition. In one interview in 2022, the famous singer said, “What’s great is that the more we talk about it, the more we realize it’s pretty common, especially in this day and age. Especially after the year and a half we’ve had. Anxiety’s real. It’s a beast”.

It was the first time the singer opened up about his mental health, particularly his anxiety issues. He stressed that those struggling with mental health should not feel like something is wrong with them.

Adam Lambert Diet And Workout Routine

Adam’s personal fitness trainer spoke about his routine in one interview. Cardio is one of the things they emphasize.

His trainer, Seth Gottesdiener, said, “We always do a big cardio push at the beginning of each workout to try and spike the heart rate and keep it up for the duration of the workout”.

For example, they do drills of burpees, mountain climbers, or speed rope. And it is all about being consistent. The next big factor is variation. You cannot do the same thing over and over again. Adam, for his part, loves doing abs.

The famous singer was bigger and heavier at the beginning of his career. And while he gained plenty of weight during the Covid-19 pandemic, it seems he is trying to get back to normal shape now.

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