About me

Hello! I am Vicky and welcome to The Mommy Mess. Allow me to share a bit about myself and why I started this blog.

I am a mother, wife, daughter, granddaughter, and writer living in Virginia Beach. I love creativity, ideas, crafts, arts, photography, movies, food, coffee, naps and the outdoors. Most of all, I love to make stuff!

The Mommy Mess is an expression of who I am as an individual. I created this blog not just to express myself and showcase everything that I hold dear, but also to create a repository of useful tips and tricks for other mothers, wives, and artists such as myself. My favorite topics to talk about are DIY projects, anything relating to babies, style, and hairstyles. Occasionally, I also share my experiences whenever I visit a new place, things I’m working on, and my hobbies.

As an artist, one of my favorite topics to discuss is DIY. I find it both satisfying and fulfilling to start on a project with my own hands, put in the effort, and watch the project come alive right before my eyes. As a homemaker, I find that DIY projects are an effective means to promote bonding between family members, especially with your kids.

Nowadays, a lot of information is being passed around on the internet, however, a few of them may not be as relevant and relatable, and sometimes, they even cause more harm than good! Through the Mommy Mess, I share relevant and helpful tips that are not only vetted but ones I’ve personally tried and tested.

The Mommy Mess is a fountain of information for wives and mommies all over the world that might help them live more prosperous and enjoyable family lives. But the fun part isn’t just for mommies and those with family. As an artist and writer, I’ve also shared my experiences in writing, the pieces I’m working on, my entire creative process, how I come up with inspiration as I create, and many more practical tips that creative types can certainly relate to.

Go ahead and browse the wealth of topics in my blog. If you do have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out at [email protected], I’d be more than happy to have a chat with you all. Enjoy!