9 Thoughtful Ways to Show Your Appreciation

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Know someone who always seems to go above and beyond for you and everyone else around them? If you have a friend, loved one or even a coworker who you truly appreciate, be sure to let them know. Here are nine thoughtful ways to show your appreciation.

#1 Send a Stuffed Animal Care Package

One of the best ways to show your appreciation is by sending a care package. But not just any care package – one with a cuddly stuffie. With a collection of cute stuffed animals to choose from, you can send a care package complete with a personalized note to tell them how and why you appreciate all that they do. Stuffed animals are perfect for adults and kids alike, and offer tons of benefits. Cuddle with a stuffed animal and it can release oxytocin, reducing stress and boosting moods.  You can opt for a more traditional teddy bear, or explore more interesting options like a cute llama depending on the recipient’s interests and personality.

#2 Give a Heartfelt Hug

A cuddly stuffed animal makes a wonderful appreciation gift for someone who’s out of arm’s reach. But if you can, give them an in-person hug. According to countless research studies, hugging comes with many benefits, including reducing stress, pain and even blood pressure levels. Hugging someone can also release the same “cuddle hormone” like hugging a stuffed animal does. A heartfelt hug is the perfect way to show your appreciation to someone, but they especially come in handy when the person is feeling down and really needs it. 

#3 Leave a Handwritten Note for Good Vibes

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Another thoughtful way to show your appreciation is to put it down into words. Don’t worry – you don’t have to write them an entire letter. A simple and brief note will do just fine. Jot it down on a post-it note and stick it to their car’s steering wheel or coffee mug to surprise them in the morning. You could even write down a one-liner inside joke that the two of you share. Sometimes, you don’t have to express exactly how you appreciate them. Sending good vibes with a note that says “You’re a Rockstar!” or “You’re my Person” is just enough. Plus, it keeps it short and sweet. 

#4 Take on a Chore

Another super thoughtful way to show your appreciation for all they do? Take some weight off their shoulders. Whether you chip in around the house, tackling laundry or taking out the dog, it will help free up their schedule for more enjoyable things they would prefer to do. It seems like a simple act of kindness, but it lets the person know they are appreciated and, more importantly, not taken for granted. 

#5 Set Aside More Time with Them

When you help out with chores, it benefits you both. With some extra free time, it also means you can spend more quality time together. And spending more time with someone is a wonderfully thoughtful way to show your appreciation. We’re all so busy in our lives that it’s sometimes hard to carve out time for our own hobbies, let alone simply sit and talk with someone you love and appreciate. Even a quick 30-minute coffee break to chat over the phone is enough to show your appreciation to a friend or loved one. 

#6 Show Interest in Things They Love

Penciling in some time with someone is just a start. You can also show your appreciation for someone by showing interest in their life and the things they love. Don’t expect them to do all the talking. Instead, ask about their latest hobbies or even immerse yourself in their latest obsessions. Catch up on the latest events and interests in their lives to show you care and appreciate them.

#7 Treat Them to Coffee or a Meal

Show your appreciation by treating them to a cup of coffee or a meal. If you’re out and about having fun and want to show someone how much they mean to you, buy them a cup of coffee or pick up the tab for lunch or dinner. Even better – take on a chore and treat them to a meal by making dinner or bringing them a premade dish. Even if you lack chef skills, takeout works just as well. Can’t schedule some time together? You can always send them a care package with some treats tucked away inside.

#8 Offer Them a Handmade Gift

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Speaking of treats, you could also offer them a box of homemade cookies. In fact, any homemade or handmade gift is the perfect way to say thanks and a thoughtful way to show your appreciation to someone. What kind of handmade gift? It could be anything from a piece of artwork that you painted or a print you made to a pot filled with plants you propagated from your own garden. If you don’t have a green thumb or an artistic bone in your body, fear not! You could also present them with a photo book filled with your favorite photos taken together – and have a company print it for you. Making something specifically for them is a nice way to demonstrate your appreciation for all that they do. 

#9 Simply Tell Them

Last, but certainly not least – tell them! Sometimes actions are stronger than words. But other times, simply telling someone how much you appreciate them goes a long way, too. Make it heartfelt and let it all out. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and show emotion, too. Can’t put your appreciation into words? While it’s important not to come across too scripted or professional, Harvard Business Review has some ideas to get you started. Ultimately, try to share what you appreciate about them and why. Of course, if they’re someone you know intimately or a close friend, be sure to give them a warm embrace and a big hug, too. 

The next time you need to show someone your utmost appreciation, turn to this list. These thoughtful tips and methods will show just how thankful you are that your special someone is a part of your life.