6 Traits of People Who Are Happy After A Divorce

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Going through a divorce is not typically associated with happiness, with often sticky issues like the division of pensions and child care arrangements to be agreed. However, over time and by taking a healthy approach to the grieving process, there is still joy to be found after you have officially separated from your spouse. If you’re wondering what traits people have that lead them to greater levels of happiness beyond divorce then take a look at our top six.

1. Someone with a strong network of support

When people are going through any type of crisis or difficult process, having loving and supportive people around is an integral part of their healing process. The simple presence of family and friends around can be a huge tonic, and they can also provide company when you need it and companionship for outings and activities that will take your mind off any divorce-related stress.

2. A co-operative approach

Although remaining amicable during a divorce can often be a challenge, attempting some level of compromise usually equates to a higher level of happiness. Some issues involved in the divorce process may feel unjust, especially if you are relinquishing what you feel is right, however, going through the court system can be stressful, costing time, money and energy. Legal professionals report that many of the more harmonious divorce cases are ones where both parties are able to negotiate well.

3. An openness to therapy or counselling

When one or both parties reach out for professional therapy, this can result in a more cordial process. Seeking therapy means you will have the opportunity to speak to a qualified expert, who will guide you through the grieving process, and address any anger issues or depression you may have too. Talking therapy allows you to offload your problems to someone who provides constructive ways to move forward.

4. A willingness to take some responsibility

Divorce is often proffered as the ‘blame game’ but there is usually some responsibility to be taken on both sides when a marriage breaks down. Understanding more about how you may have contributed to the situation can lead you to a better mindset, laying down the foundations for a healthier approach to your divorce. Plus, you can use this self-reflection to help build more positive relationships in the future.

5. A readiness to let go of resentment

The finality of a divorce marks an end to something that you entered into not thinking it would come to a close. This can cause you to look back with some ill-feelings. Perhaps you feel angered by what has happened, whether this is your own actions, your ex’s actions, or those of another. For your own mental health and that of any children involved, letting go of antagonism will help you find a clearer path and ultimately bring about more happiness.

6. Able to look towards the future

Moving on from resentment pushes you towards making plans for the future. Although this new reality can be difficult to face, it offers a new pathway after divorce. Making plans with friends, joining groups or beginning new hobbies you’ve always wanted to get involved with can all start to take shape when you are embarking on a new chapter in your life. This often opens doors to improved levels of contentment.

Moving on from resentment not only helps one plan for the future but can open different opportunities during this transition period. It could mean building new relationships and forming meaningful connections with people with similar interests. Make sure you research the websites and apps available in order to make sure they offer features and community values that best suit your wishes. If you’re looking for a serious relationship, then a one night stand dating website is not right for you. Consider also reading reviews of the platform to get an idea of how it can benefit your search for either a casual date or something more serious.


Whether you have been looking forward to a new stage in your life, or if divorce is something you thought would never happen to you, it is important to take actionable steps towards a brighter future. Taking care of your physical and emotional well-being should be first on the list.