6 Job Ideas for Working Moms for 2023 (That Pay Well)

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Which mom doesn’t have to combine work with childcare, the end result can be a fraught existence where there isn’t time for anything else and salary is often swapped with childcare costs. So, is there a better way?

Here are 6 job ideas for working mums which swap hard work for smart work and, you can earn more as well.

1. Work as a PA

Since the pandemic, hybrid and remote working has taken off. There are loads of remote PA jobs out there which offer flexible working, some or all of which you can do from home.

If you work for someone in a different time zone, this can fit well if you have small children at home because you can work at times when they are in bed – in theory!

Senior PAs can earn a lot of money and there is the potential to work for more than one person or organization if you are remote and self-employed or freelancing.

If you are well organized (and which mom isn’t!) and you have good computer skills, then it’s worth looking at formalizing your skills to become a PA. Here is some career advice on this role and how to train to become a high-earning executive assistant.

2. Direct Selling

Selling is popular amongst moms with an established network in their community or school. Favorites are cosmetics and books, but it is harder work than it looks. You need to be comfortable about selling face to face and selling to your friends, so this isn’t for everyone.

If you have a hobby like crafting or home bakes, then making items to sell in your local community is often more palatable. Unique products go down well, often better than known selling schemes which can put buyers off.

So-called ‘kitchen table’ start-ups can flourish, and many big-name companies started in this way.

3. Teacher

Teaching has the inherent bonus of being child-centric plus it can be well paid. You don’t have to opt for the traditional classroom role, if you have a formal qualification or even just a skill in a particular area then you can set yourself up as a tutor.

Tutoring businesses are lucrative and you can pick the hours to suit your schedule. Some things like English language tuition can be taught online, opening up a huge international marketplace with flexible working in different time zones.

4. Translator

Language skills are always in demand and offer a good hourly rate. Work for an organization or freelance, online or in person.

There are local translation opportunities in schools and hospitals plus plenty of remote work. There are also international opportunities for short, fixed periods which pay well and provide an essential break from the children.

Working for yourself means you craft the business to suit your family’s needs and do less work during the school holidays when childcare is more problematic.

5. Marketing and Publishing

There is a huge digital world out there of graphic designers, marketing agencies, SEO consultants, proofreaders, social media specialists and content writers – the world is literally your oyster.

Almost all this work is done remotely so why not pick an area where you already have some skill or choose a sector that interests you and upskill or retrain?

6. Wedding Planner

Wedding planning is an incredibly flexible job and can fit in well with the demands of family life. If you have already worked in event management, then becoming a wedding planner is just a sideway step.

There are employed and self-employed roles or if you have some experience, work freelance which can be lucrative.

Clever moms make the most of their skills and interests to develop work which is interesting and potentially lucrative. The other option is to retrain but remember, flexibility is key to any role as a working mom.