6 Common Mistakes Women Make When Wearing Perfume

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Wearing perfume seems straightforward; you just spray, and you are done. However, that is not all because wearing perfume well requires some finesse and skill. To wear a fragrance well, you need to think about a few things including where it is applied, the outfit it will be worn with and the environment it will be worn in. Fortunately, wearing perfume well is something everyone can learn and so we will provide a few tips to help you get the most out of your perfume and the best olfactory experience.

Avoid Rubbing the Perfume

When wearing perfume, most people spray it on their wrists, rub them together and then rub the wrists on areas such as the neck. For most people, this is a learned habit that we do not think about. The reason why doing so is wrong is because friction between the wrists causes heat. As the skin heats up, it produces several enzymes that change the olfactory composition of the scent.

To preserve the scent and ensure your fragrance lasts longer, spray a little on the wrists and wait for it to sink in. Do not rub the wrists together.

Buying Larger Bottles of Perfume

Perfume should be used as fast as possible. Yes, perfume can be quite pricey, and you may not want to do this, but it is the best course to follow. Why? Because oxygen breaks down the molecules of the perfume. When you leave a bottle of perfume sitting out too long, you increase the time it has to interact with oxygen, and this kills the scent.

If you wear your perfume daily and know it will be consumed in about three months, you can go with bottles of up to 150ml. However, if you only mist a little of the perfume, then going as low as 7.5 ml can be helpful.

When you buy a larger bottle of perfume, the best thing to do is decant it into a smaller container or vial and tightly cap the larger bottle.

Not Storing It Properly

Oxygen is not the only environmental factor that can affect your perfume. Different environmental factors cause different chemical reactions inside the bottle leading to changes in the scent profile. A common environmental factor that degrades perfumes is temperature. Perfumes do not like rapid shifts in temperature from hot to cold and back as this causes them to degrade faster.

Ultraviolet rays alter a perfume’s color profile which indicates chemical reactions caused by the rays have altered it.

If you are wondering, the best way to store perfume is to leave it in the box it came in. Leave the box at room temperature and it should be fine. Some people who buy more than one bottle at a time also leave theirs in the refrigerator, which keeps the temperature relatively constant, protects the perfume from ultraviolet rays, and keeps oxygen away.

Not Experimenting with Different Fragrances

Most ladies have a signature fragrance they wear every day. It could be one they have worn for years and one they like. However, new fragrances are being released every day, and sticking with one or a single brand locks you out from enjoying other fragrances available from luxury perfume brands you may not know or may not have experimented with before.

There are lots of exciting fragrances to enjoy from brands like Byredo. Byredo concentrates on creating the best fragrances and this is why, in addition to the perfume by Byredo, they have a selection of amazing lotions and body washes for you to choose from. Their perfumes come in various sizes depending on whether you want to carry one in your purse or leave it at home.

Only Using Perfume on Dry Skin

Perfume does not last long on dry skin. To make your scent last longer, consider using an unscented moisturizer or a companion body lotion with the perfume. Remember to pick the lotion or moisturizer carefully to avoid scent clashes.

Not Thinking About Perfume Placement

One of the main reasons why perfume is often applied to the wrists and the neck is that they are pulse points that are exposed to the air. You should always avoid covering up the perfume with clothing because this prevents the diffusion of the scent.

An exception is if the day will be hot or if you live in a hot environment. In these cases, sweat and the natural oils of the skin can interfere with the scent and even destroy the perfume. An alternative is lightly misting your hair or scarf. Both of these move in the air, which leads to the diffusion of the perfume.

Perfume can be an exciting addition to your attire and can help improve your self-confidence. So many people do not know how to wear perfume well and so it ends up being wasted and not producing the desired effect. Fortunately, changing a few things about how you buy, store and wear perfume can have a major difference in the effects that you get from it.