4 Professional Services Houston Homeowners With Kids Should Have On Speed Dial

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Plenty of things can go wrong in the average Houston household, and if you have kids, it can make it even more challenging and vital that you find solutions fast. There are some issues that homeowners nationwide face, such as plumbing and electrical issues, and some that are specific to Houston, like specific pest issues.

When something happens at home, you don’t want to rush decisions on which professional services you’ll use, but you likely also won’t have time to conduct thorough research. Doing your homework before you find yourself in need of professional services can be invaluable to help ensure that any future issues are dealt with promptly and by the best people possible.


Plumbing issues can be a major headache for homeowners, with serious repercussions if problems aren’t resolved quickly. Plumbing is one of the household tasks that should never be undertaken by anyone without proper skills, experience, and qualifications. A competent plumber should be first on your list of professionals to find in your local area, so you know exactly who to call if an issue arises.

Pest Control

There are a range of pests that could make their way into a Houston home, none of which you and your family will relish sharing living space with. Common pests include:

  • Rodents
  • Mosquitoes
  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Termites
  • Cockroaches
  • Bees and wasps

Any of these pests can present a health risk at home, not to mention being incredibly unpleasant to find in your living space. You should find a highly experienced and competent pest control service like ABC Home & Commercial Services so that you can have any pest-related issues dealt with quickly and effectively.


In an emergency, it is vital to know you have someone trustworthy to leave your kids with. Finding a highly experienced, professional babysitter to turn to when you need them can give you vital peace of mind. It is best to be consistent with the babysitter you use, so your children will feel a sense of stability when they are in their care. Check that any babysitter has plenty of experience and relevant qualifications to ensure your kids will be safe and happy.


Like plumbing, electrical work should never be done by anyone other than a highly trained and qualified professional. Electrical issues in the home can present serious risks to you and your family’s safety, with faulty electrics being one of the leading causes of fire in Texas. If you haven’t had your wiring checked and updated, particularly in an older home, it is best to get this done ASAP.


Having a list of dependable, qualified professionals to turn to if you need them in the future is crucial for your peace of mind as a parent and a homeowner. You should think about the various risk factors for your home when doing your research and find a professional who can help you out with each. You should vet them thoroughly, paying particular attention to their qualifications, level of experience and overall reviews from past customers.